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I had to make a post today on the Kanju comm about the new Shounentachi poster and ugh, I feel really bad about it.  Yeah, it always sucks when we have to make posts about people leaving but Gaki and Take leaving was really unexpected and I feel like I just punched their fans in the face.  We've lost a lot of Kanju members over the last few years, but 7WEST seemed so solid and it's not like they're at an age where they're feeling pressure to find "real" jobs... And even to quit because of school related things, the timing is odd.  This was unexpected.

*sigh* Maybe it's affecting me more than I want to admit.  After Daichi and then Maashii, when some of the older Kanju started leaving, especially the ones who were either in Jr.BOYS or unitless, I was sad but understood that this was something they needed to do.  And most of them left after a series of shows.  For Gaki and Take to go 2 weeks before Shounentachi starts and while their movie is still in theaters...  *takes deep breath*  The more I think about it, the sadder I feel.  I was JUST listening to 7WEST on Mogitate.

Okay.  I'm gonna go back to watching 火曜曲 for Kisumai.
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· PAYMENT – According to Japan Time
March 31st

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Taking orders for Kanju's current concert series at the Shochikuza.  Clearfiles, Photosets (offshots from the clearfile photoshoot), Penlight (wand shaped, "KANSAIJohnnys'Jr.", lights up red, white and two combinations of that), and Muffler Towel (white with gray text "KANSAI Johnny's Jr. X'mas Concert 2011")

The Price List and Ordering information )

· SUBTOTAL PAYMENT – According to Japan Time
December 16 (Friday). 
I'll be away for the holidays, so for the most part, I won't be able to ship anything until after January 12th.  Thanks for understanding. ♡
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I for some reason wrote a lot at school today.  BBV concert report is up and I also have these drabble things too.  They're all really short and unrelated, but enjoy.

3 Kanju and 1 EbiKisu )
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Title: Home
Pairing/Group: B.A.D., BOYS, Veteran, 7WEST, Yuma (friendship, no pairing)
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] damning_dance  for this year’s[livejournal.com profile] je_holiday  fic exchange. I hope you liked it and and I hope the rest of you enjoy. Thanks to my wonderful beta [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_anna. Your comments helped me focus everything a lot more. And while I’m thanking people, a huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth  for helping me decide how to go about writing a gen fic in the first place. Originally posted here.
Summary: Let's remember that even though Yuma sorta has this unit called NYC now, he was a Kansai Junior first. (Takes place early 2010 before the spring concert)

It's been a while... )
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☆  Watching the last episode of Freeter on TV now.  This season had a bunch of good dramas... but I think this may be the one that I'll watch again, over and over.  横尾さん、お疲れさまでした! I hope the next time you get a drama role, you play a more likable character.  I wish your character's only redeeming characteristic wasn't that he hated the mother.

And while we're on the topic of Kisumai in drama roles, I had dinner with one of my Japanese friends tonight and she asked me who my favorite Johnny's is.  She didn't know who Kis-My-Ft2 was, but I knew she likes to watch dramas, so while showing her Goodbye, Thank you and Kis-My-Calling on my iTouch, I was like, "That one is the lawyer in Freeter... those two will be in Misaki No.1... Oh!  You saw Gokusen, right?  Do you remember that guy wearing yellow?"  So without realizing it, she already knows four of them.  ^_^

☆  Went to see 7WEST on Sunday.  Enjoyed it, although I wish I knew more of their songs.  Surprise of the day may have been Ryusei, Kamiyama and TAKEMOTO singing Sadistic Love of all things.  Sounds wrong doesn't it?  IT WAS SO GOOD.  Will be going to see 7WEST again tomorrow.  Granted, I bought the ticket before finding out that Jr.BOYS aren't in the 7WEST concerts.  Was hoping to see Matori again, but I guess I'll just watch Kamiyama, Kusumoto and Reiya the whole time.  I've developed quite a soft spot for Reiya.  Super cute and then goes all hot on us when he raps.

BBV yesterday.  We went to the 1400 show and I was so worried I was going to be late since I had to stay at work longer than I thought I would.  I wish I could go see them again~!  MATORI!  ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪  Thank you for always smiling and doing the shaka for me.  It makes me really happy. 

☆  I don't know how many of you are paying attention to the [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday  fic exchange, but I participated this year and the fic I received is freaking AWESOME.  Go read it.  And if you can figure out which one I wrote, I'll give you a cookie. (=^x^=)

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I've scanned the entire pamphlet from the Kansai version of the Shounentachi stage play.  Only the link to download the whole thing, but if you wanna see a little bit of what the pictures look like, we used them for the profile pics at the [livejournal.com profile] kansai_juniors community.

Pamphlet only included B.A.D., BOYS, Veteran, and 7WEST.

DL link:  MU
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I went to see 少年たち〜格子無き牢獄 for my second and last time today and was heavily relieved to find that I enjoyed it a lot more this time around.  It probably has a little to do with the fact that I already know the story and didn't need to take the time to figure that out, but overall, they were better into their roles.  I felt somewhat detached the first time I saw it, but this time, I felt like I was pulled in.  Teared twice.

Also turns out that there are a few songs that I really like.  Akito and Kamiyama's duet for example.  I think last time I was so preoccupied by the songs that I didn't like that I forgot about the ones that I did.

Highlights from today's show. )

Too tired.  Will finish tomorrow.   (u.u)..zZ
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Adopt one today!Adopt one today!  <--Ok. Pretty please click on this one? It's really ugly as a hatchling. >.<  Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of it as an adult either.  haha...      

I've been distracted.  Went to see Kanju's butai for the first time last night.  I'm gonna be honest... I don't know how EbiKisu will do.  The play itself sucks.  You can really tell that that thing is OLD.  The music?  Not my thing.  What makes the Kanju one entertaining are the improvised sections and the little things here and there.  They added this part for the three Muro's and it's pretty funny and I suppose it actually has a role in the storyline, but I don't know how it'll be changed for EbiKisu.  I dunno...  Maybe if we knew how much of what Kanju did is actually supposed to be in there and how much Kanju made theirs.  Bethany and I were trying to figure out who will take over which roles and we just couldn't figure it out.  MAYBE Taipi will do Akito's?  And now that I think about it, maybe Kitayama will do Shige's, but it's all really hard to imagine. 

Kikuoka was DAMNED CUTE.  It's nice to have the chance to be reminded once in a while why I liked him so much.

Matori has one, count it, ONE line in the butai.  haha...  Jr. Boys were busy rehearsing for Takki and now I know why Reiya wasn't in Takki... he's actually one of the main characters.  Let's see...  The guards were basically Veteran and for a little bit I saw Ota in the uniform too and laughed cause that was his role last year too.  The prisoners were 7WEST, BAD, BOYS, Reiya, and Senzaki.  Koji comes in later as Hama-chan's kouhai that Hama-chan kinda screws over.  haha...

During Showtime though, Jr. Boys were in practically everything.  Matori's said that Go (Veteran's new song) is his favorite and honestly, I might have been able to tell without him saying it.  He always looks like he's having the time of his life when he's out there dancing, but there was just something more when he was doing this song.  Oh.  And Go has hand motions now.  A little fast, but manageable.  Veteran's outfits had colors and they were different from the ones used in Yokocho's solo con.  Kunta's purple (sorry Rachel), Bun is magenta, Kiku is light pink, Ito is blue, Ryuta is green, and Muro is yellow.

I'll take more notes later, but for now, dragons?  Please?  Thanks!
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Title: Signs of Approval
Author: talisa_ahn
Fandom/Pairing: 7WEST (KamiTake)
Setting: February 2010

If you don't know who Saotome Taichi is, here are some of my favorite performances by him. I, personally, think he's amazing. (YouTube links)
- Samurai Dance
- Prayer of 1000 years (female role)


'You have two tickets to see who?!' )
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Title: Mothers Always Know
Author: talisa_ahn
Fandom/Pairing: 7WEST (KamiTake)
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Why do boys always think they’re being so sneaky when they never actually are? Who knows…
Setting: Beginning of January 2010


There's just something there... )
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There are only individual photosets.  Yuma has 3 and the other main guys have 1 each.  Those of you who ordered group sets, I will be refunding your money... but it'll have to wait until I come back from Tokyo next week.  Sorry.

Went to the first show for the Kanju concert yesterday.  I enjoyed it a lot, but that's probably because I like all of them a lot and while I don't like the Jimusho shoving Yuma in my face, I don't mind him so much.  Yes, he appeared a lot, but honestly, it was MUCH better this time around (as compared tot he UMEcon last year).  I wish he would just stay in Osaka... he's just so much better here.  His unit matches him better, he's much more comfortable, and all the people around him treat him like it's him.  They don't baby him through everything and it's nice.

I wasn't so great on looking at everyone this time... if Kikuoka was on stage, that's where I was looking.  If he wasn't, I was looking at Kamiyama or Takemoto.  Most likely Kamiyama.  I hope I'll be able to write an actual report later.

 - Takemoto is TOTALLY the pet of Kanju.  He'll kinda just go up to some of the members of Veteran or even just the older Jr. Boys with this look of "Huh?" and they'll walk with him around the stage.  It was cute.
 - Kamiyama got into the camera a LOT.  There were times I'd just glance up at the VTR screen and it was like, BAM! Kamiyama.  haha...
 - Kikuoka looks GOOD.  He and Bun-chan have really similar hair as are their heights, so sometimes it takes a little to figure out which is which from so far away (I fail at having binoculars).  He's not so great at interacting with the other Kanju on his own... they have to approach him.  But he was really cute to the audience.  Too bad most people don't look at him.  Sad.
 - YUMA STOLE HAMA-CHAN'S PART IN THE ENDING TOUGH WEEDS SONG.  Ok.  I'm actually kind of upset about this.  Like.  Ok.  In TOUGH WEEDS, Hama-chan's character is beat to death.  He dies.  A year later, all the other cell mates meet to pay respects to his grave.  Ok, so Yuma wasn't in TOUGH WEEDS and they needed to give him lines to sing.  I got that.  But not only did they start the song off with him and not Akito, they gave the part of the song where Hama-chan comes back out on stage and it's upsetting.  *breathes*
 - Yuma and 7WEST did this weird letter reading thing where they read this fan letter.  The girl said that she had gotten tickets to the concert as a birthday present but then couldn't go because she was going on a trip so she had to give her tickets to a friend.  And then they sang some Happy Birthday song.  Um... ok?  Shige was standing next to Yuma so when Yuma was going to read the letter, he handed the envelope to Shige.  And then when the girl said that her birthday was the same as Yuma's, Shige was like, "Oh.  Fish Day!" and Yuma was like, "Do you have to say that?" (I don't know if you guys remember or saw their letter segment on Shokura.  Shige's first impression of Yuma was that he looked like would like fish.  Yeah.) 
 - I don't like that BAD doesn't do the choreography for all of VIP.  You have choreography... DO IT!  I mean, it's kinda dumb looking choreography, but it's fun and I like being able to do it... but we can't do it if you're going to trade it in for waving your hands back and forth.
 - Oh.  Akito's hair?  Not so attractive.  Neither is Ryusei's or Dai-chan's.
 - During one of BAD's songs today, I turned to my friend and was like, "I see TORN.  What do you see?"  It was to the point that I actually was wondering if they'd end in a TORN-like pose at the end.
 - ENCORE.  Ume Goin On and Romantic.  Junta was all like "Da da!" during that part at the end of Romantic when he's the only one that jumps to the side.
 - Speaking of Senzaki.  There's a song that he went up in the crane... and then one of the Jr's was in a swing HANGING from the crane cart.  Um... that's new?  It was a little bizarre.  
Ok.  Gotta stop here cause I have to pack for Tokyo/Fukuoka.

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Title: Figuring Things Out
Fandom: Hey!Say!7 WEST (Kamiyama/Takemoto)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Disclaimer: Don’t own them.
Summary: It’s the night of the last performance of TOUGH WEEDS and Kamiyama can’t concentrate. Does Takemoto really like him back?
NOTE: This comes a week or so after Why Me? I think it might help to read that first. ^_^


Kamiyama gulped. He really hoped that it wasn’t just hopeful thinking. )
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Title:  Just Like a Hurricane
Fandom:  Hey!Say!7 WEST (Kamiyama/Takemoto)
Rating: PG-13
Genre:  Fluff/Romance
Summary: It’s been over a week since Takemoto’s heard from Kamiyama and it’s starting to worry him.
Setting:  There was a typhoon that passed through Japan on October 8th.  This fic starts on the 7th.  
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Title:  Why me?
Fandom:  Hey!Say!7 WEST (Kamiyama/Takemoto)

Rating: PG

Genre:  Fluff/Romance

Summary:  There’s always someone who gets picked on more than others.  In the case of the Kansai Juniors, it’s Takemoto and his special brand of special.  The ones that are picked on in the jimusho are the ones that are loved best.  But no one’s ever explained this to Takemoto.

Setting:  After the August 17th TOUGH WEEDS.  Majority of the MC was about how weird Takemoto is, while he and Senzaki tried to share a mike.




“You’re becoming their beloved kouhai.” )
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Just happened to see this and felt like translating it.  ^^;  This is from the October 2009 issue of WinkUp. 
Kotaki Nozomu of Hey!Say!7 WEST

Dear Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun,
     Hello, I'm Kotaki Nozumu~!  Before, at the volleyball thing, thank you for taking
the time to talk to me.  I was really happy.  I came to admire Yamada-kun when
I saw "Tantei Gakuen Q" and then decided to enter this jimusho.  
     When you're dancing or singing, you're too cool!
     Please hang out with me again.

Dear (Kiriyama) Akito-kun,
     Ryota-kun's cool, isn't he? (laugh) [a/n: he's talking about Senzaki Ryota]


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