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Finally got around to watching last Sunday's Shokura...  KANJU!!!  sourangel and snowqueenofhoth, this is all totally your fault.  well... and the whole living in Osaka thing is also at fault, but...  >.>

Anyway.  Hey!Say!7 WEST?  I much rather Yuuma be with them than B.I.Shadow.  They're cute, interesting, and actually talented.  Ok, ok... maybe I'm biased, but I honestly do think they suit each other better (as they should, having been together for much longer).  Ryusei...... why are you younger than Hasshi? *fail*

Gong Show was funny.  Akito, you put yourself in that position you know.  Although your Monoboke was really funny.  I kept rewiding to watch it again (Hama-chan's reaction was awesome... cause there was that pause that he needed to figure out what you'd just said ^^;).  Senzaki...  I'm sorry Nakamaru was mean and didn't choose you as the winner for your kindergarten gorilla... It was really cute and you didn't get any credit for it.  *sad face*

STAY GOLD...I love you guys.  You're so in tune to each other and every time I hear you guys rap together it always reminds me of that fact.  And absolute LOL over the Dengonban... Although you must do things like that a lot 'cause Hama-chan's reaction was very subdued.

And JUNTA's SOLO!!!  Sorry Akito, but Junta totally outdid you there...  I thought that at the UME Concerts too.  So glad to have a video to rip the audio from.  *^-^*  Don't worry though... I still watch you more than Junta overall (well... until Hama-chan or Kikuoka come out onto stage, but they weren't at Shokura so...)

I love the UME Goin' On song.  It was the theme song for their UME concerts and they perform it during the Showtime of their TOUGH WEEDS butai.  It's so fun.


Sorry.  I'm a little lonely cause everyone in Osaka that I know went home for the summer and Laruku's busy this week for bon odori.  This is the result... long, lonely rantings on my lj.  (._.  ;)

And my only Kanju icon is Bunichi but he wasn't even at Shokura....
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It's been one of the busiest Spring Breaks of my life.  Went to Korea for a couple days to see my boyfriend (which was awesome.  His students are freaking CUTE!) and then my family came to visit.  So freaking tired...  AND BROKE!!!  My mom was like, "Why are you broke?  Your brother's been buying all the train tickets."  WHO DO YOU THINK HAS BEEN PAYING FOR ALL THE FOOD?!

Anyway.  I now have a bet with my brother and dad to see who can lose the most weight by July 10.  If I win, I get then Nikon Coolpix P80 camera I've been eyeing for the past year.  If my brother wins, he gets a PS3.  Who knows what my dad would get.  haha...

Just watched the game portion of Shokura.  Rachel... Before they even started, I had no faith in your boy.  haha...  It was ultimate fail and was awesome!  haha...  Although I did lol over the SenKaido pairing. 
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...but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry. Gotta rant.

TAMA~! You're so goddamned cute! You talk like one of my 2nd graders but it's so CUTE! And "Kitamitsu" eh? Wait. you guys surf?! Tama... then shouldn't you not be so pastie white still?

Mitsu... that's cute, but weird, that if you could purchase a baby brother you'd choose Tama-chan at the store. Good job embarrassing him (poor Tama). Oh. that blond hair really didn't last very long did it? I like the current hair though. Good color, good style. Especially like the way the bangs come into your face. ^-^

Holy fuck. that's the dance from the first concert! ... except you're not shirtless... any of you. *deflates* OH! but you gave me HiroSen! Sorta? ...and you perform it before Kis-My-Calling? It had made a lot more sense right before Fire Beat... even though it completely overloads all out brains!

O.O They're on skates! O.O!!! That's SO AWESOME!!! AND CUTE!!!

Kis-My-Bowling! *dies*


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