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Kitayama looked at me yesterday, possibly for the first time.  Like, eye-contact, smiled and pointed.  And then tried to toss me his sign ball (but the girls 2 rows in front of me stuck up their uchiwa and hit it).  But then later, when he wasn't on the cart anymore, he did the shaka for me from the Pirates Park platform.  Like, yeah, I'm sad that I didn't get his sign ball, but more than that, I'm just really ( ̄▽ ̄;) because he actually tried.

Yokoo did the shaka while holding his sign ball (and then tossed it our way... match1608 got it ^-^) and then Tama did it with both hands as they all skated by.  I'm really happy that I was able to finish the uchiwa before we left the house yesterday.  Cutting out the flowers took a little longer than planned.  ^^;
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I'm home~!  It's been a really busy spring break.

3/28-29 Kansai Junior Concerts
    I'm in the process of writing a concert report for the last show.  It'll be up within a week... hopefully.  GOODS.  7WEST's mini uchiwa was sold out.  Photosets.  Yuma got 3, but other than that, everything else was individual. 

3/30-4/1 Kis-My-Ft2に010逢えるdeShow (Yokohama)
    I went to all four of the shows.  Currently writing a report for the 4/1 show, but I'm on page 11 and only on the MC.  It's taking me a long time and when I do finish it, it will be LONG.  Will write notes for the other 3.

4/3 Yokoyama Yu (Osaka)
    I caught the shinkansen that morning to get to Osaka from Tokyo.  I don't know a lot of Yoko's songs... actually... I only know one.  And he didn't perform it.  haha...  Writing notes for this one since I don't know enough to write an actual report.

4/4 Kis-My-Ftに010逢えるdeShow (Fukuoka)
    As soon as Yoko's show was done, I caught a shinkansen down to Fukuoka.  I was in Osaka for a total of 7 hours Saturday.  They changed a lot for the Fukuoka show and I will write something for it... after I finish the Yokohama report, but possibly before I finish the Kanju and Yoko ones.

Took the overnight bus to come back to Osaka.  Arrived in Umeda at 6:30am, came home to drop off my bags, changed into a suit, and went straight to my elementary school's 入学式.  Came home around 1:30 with plans to just take a nap... and woke up at 6am this morning, meaning that I slept 17 hours last night trying to catch up on sleep.  Missed 2 phone calls and 8 text messages.  Slept through it all.  Oops.

Ok.  Gotta get ready for work.
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These are just some notes about last night's concert.  I was mostly watching Kitayama, so just warning you now.  These are just notes and not a report and really incomplete 'cause I don't have time right now to finish them.  But if you're interested, feel free to have a look.

We had Center seats, closer to the middle pathway. )
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Hey.  Here's the full set list for tonight's concert.  It was really good... has a bunch of rough spots, but I'm sure they'll figure it out.  

3 new songs... Kisumai Land (fun ticket choreography included), Shooting Star, and Eien no Ticket (a really pretty ballad).


Also... snowqueenofhoth is posting scans and an explanation of the stage set up... HERE
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About to head out to the first of Kisumai's spring tour.  I'm excited, but I don't think it's fully hit me yet.  Probably will once I get there.  haha...  Please, please, PLEASE let the perform Brand New Season this time!  *crosses fingers*
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There are only individual photosets.  Yuma has 3 and the other main guys have 1 each.  Those of you who ordered group sets, I will be refunding your money... but it'll have to wait until I come back from Tokyo next week.  Sorry.

Went to the first show for the Kanju concert yesterday.  I enjoyed it a lot, but that's probably because I like all of them a lot and while I don't like the Jimusho shoving Yuma in my face, I don't mind him so much.  Yes, he appeared a lot, but honestly, it was MUCH better this time around (as compared tot he UMEcon last year).  I wish he would just stay in Osaka... he's just so much better here.  His unit matches him better, he's much more comfortable, and all the people around him treat him like it's him.  They don't baby him through everything and it's nice.

I wasn't so great on looking at everyone this time... if Kikuoka was on stage, that's where I was looking.  If he wasn't, I was looking at Kamiyama or Takemoto.  Most likely Kamiyama.  I hope I'll be able to write an actual report later.

 - Takemoto is TOTALLY the pet of Kanju.  He'll kinda just go up to some of the members of Veteran or even just the older Jr. Boys with this look of "Huh?" and they'll walk with him around the stage.  It was cute.
 - Kamiyama got into the camera a LOT.  There were times I'd just glance up at the VTR screen and it was like, BAM! Kamiyama.  haha...
 - Kikuoka looks GOOD.  He and Bun-chan have really similar hair as are their heights, so sometimes it takes a little to figure out which is which from so far away (I fail at having binoculars).  He's not so great at interacting with the other Kanju on his own... they have to approach him.  But he was really cute to the audience.  Too bad most people don't look at him.  Sad.
 - YUMA STOLE HAMA-CHAN'S PART IN THE ENDING TOUGH WEEDS SONG.  Ok.  I'm actually kind of upset about this.  Like.  Ok.  In TOUGH WEEDS, Hama-chan's character is beat to death.  He dies.  A year later, all the other cell mates meet to pay respects to his grave.  Ok, so Yuma wasn't in TOUGH WEEDS and they needed to give him lines to sing.  I got that.  But not only did they start the song off with him and not Akito, they gave the part of the song where Hama-chan comes back out on stage and it's upsetting.  *breathes*
 - Yuma and 7WEST did this weird letter reading thing where they read this fan letter.  The girl said that she had gotten tickets to the concert as a birthday present but then couldn't go because she was going on a trip so she had to give her tickets to a friend.  And then they sang some Happy Birthday song.  Um... ok?  Shige was standing next to Yuma so when Yuma was going to read the letter, he handed the envelope to Shige.  And then when the girl said that her birthday was the same as Yuma's, Shige was like, "Oh.  Fish Day!" and Yuma was like, "Do you have to say that?" (I don't know if you guys remember or saw their letter segment on Shokura.  Shige's first impression of Yuma was that he looked like would like fish.  Yeah.) 
 - I don't like that BAD doesn't do the choreography for all of VIP.  You have choreography... DO IT!  I mean, it's kinda dumb looking choreography, but it's fun and I like being able to do it... but we can't do it if you're going to trade it in for waving your hands back and forth.
 - Oh.  Akito's hair?  Not so attractive.  Neither is Ryusei's or Dai-chan's.
 - During one of BAD's songs today, I turned to my friend and was like, "I see TORN.  What do you see?"  It was to the point that I actually was wondering if they'd end in a TORN-like pose at the end.
 - ENCORE.  Ume Goin On and Romantic.  Junta was all like "Da da!" during that part at the end of Romantic when he's the only one that jumps to the side.
 - Speaking of Senzaki.  There's a song that he went up in the crane... and then one of the Jr's was in a swing HANGING from the crane cart.  Um... that's new?  It was a little bizarre.  
Ok.  Gotta stop here cause I have to pack for Tokyo/Fukuoka.

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It's finally been announced officially. Yay~!

Adopt one today!


And on a different note... did anyone else know that one of the songs used for the final performance in the Waterboys movie was a Shingo Mama song?  I was watching the Domoto Kyoudai Show episode that Shingo Mama guested on and was actually pretty surprised.  But Shingo Mama trying to kiss Gackt throughout the entire thing was pretty awesome.  haha...
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 Pardon me, but that would be, KIS-MY-FT2'S SPRING CONCERT TOUR!!!  YES!
Yokohama, Fukuoka, Sendai, Hokkaido, Hiroshima, and OSAKA~!

Congratulations you guys.  I'm so proud of you~!


Nov. 2nd, 2009 01:29 pm
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First of all, wow am I tired.  After an entirely Kisumai filled weekend, I woke up at 4:30 this morning to catch a train back from Hiroshima and then came straight to work.  I feel like I hit the ground running.

But, of course, it was TOTALLY worth it.

Hiroshima was awesome and I can't wait to see them again.  Hopefully.. with a LOT less falling.  Nika and Taipi falls were the worst, but honestly, I've never seen them fall so much before in my life.  haha...  When Taipi fell (and wow did he hit the ground hard), I think he was more in shock than anything else.  He said it was his first time falling during the real thing EVER.

Anyway.  NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo!  I'll start today unless I crash out, but I WILL get to the Kisumai report at some point before Kobe!  KEEP REMINDING ME PEOPLE!!!

The shipping dates are pushed back a week.  They'll still start going out next week, but it'll probably take me that additional week to get them ALL out.  Thanks.
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Ok guys...  I'm leaving for Hiroshima soon for what's going to be an awesomely Kisumai-filled weekend! 

I'll be back on Monday.  Hopefully with a concert report (probably of the last show) and maybe the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo.  ^^;  We'll see.
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First of all...  I HAVE 2 EXTRA TICKETS FOR THE 10/31 @ 14:30 KIS-MY-FT2 CONCERT IN HIROSHIMA.   If you're interested, email me at horangi004@gmail.com and we'll figure something out.

Now that that's out of the way, I now have tickets to all the Hiroshima shows.  We'll hopefully make it there in time (right?), but with my track record on getting to concerts on time... well.  Let's not think about that.

The panic really has to do with NaNoWriMo anyway.  It begins this Sunday, but I'm still figuring characters out and since it's martial arts based, I still have a lot of research to do...  >.<  And this week looks so busy because of my birthday and tutoring and the Kisumai concerts.  *fail*
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'Cause I was a little (ok.  a lot) nervous last night, I didn't make any effort to call in until this morning, but I hit!

So as of now, I am officially going to:
  • 11/13 (KOBE) - 18:30
  • 11/14 (KOBE) - 14:00
  • 11/14 (KOBE) - 18:00
  • 12/19 (YOKOHAMA) - 14:00
  • 12/20 (YOKOHAMA) - 17:00
Just gotta wait to see if the people I'm going to Hiroshima and Yokohama with hit.  I also applied with friends' addresses too, but I won't hear about those until tickets start showing up I think.  As it stands though, I need tickets for all Hiroshima shows and the shows they added to Yokohama.  I don't think I'll make a huge effort to see the Saturday morning show in Kobe.  And since they added that new Sendai show... well.  It's tempting.  ^^;  We shall see I suppose.
I need an icon of someone freaking out or something....
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    So, what I thought was just fall weather, turned into a hurricane/typhoon.  Needless to say, I won't be making it to the post office today or tomorrow.  Hopefully, if it stops raining by Friday, I'll send the next batch out then.  I figure, you'll all agree that waiting a little longer is better than your boxes getting soggy.  ... right?  If I'm wrong lemme know.  haha...
    Sorry for the delay, but I'm waiting for the typhoon to pass.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
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Hi all~! I’ll be taking orders for the upcoming Kis-My-Ft2 concert tour. I’m planning on buying the goods in either Hiroshima or Kobe, so the PAYMENT DEADLINE will be October 28th… oh… that’s my birthday. Haha… Anyway. Deadline is Wednesday the 28th.



List and Ordering Information )


· PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o October 28 (Wednesday)


o November 4-17 9-24 (edited 10/21)

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Just reminding those of you who already sent in your pre-orders for the Arashi concert goods, your payments are due by this upcoming Wednesday.  Most of you have already done so, but there are some of you who still haven't.  Please note that if payment is not recieved in time, I WILL NOT BUY YOUR ITEMS.

I'm currently in Korea, but if you have any questions, shoot me an email at horangi004[at]gmail[dot]com   ^-^
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The seats aren't horrible... much better than my seats for the last PUZZLE concert. ^-^ I'm just happy to have gotten them at face value.

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My god... zenkoku tour...  9 cities over a span of 3 months.  It's unbelievable and I'm so, SO happy for them!

Let's see...
( X ) Oita (too far)
( X ) Kagoshima (way too far and on a Sunday)
( O ) SENDAI (Hello 3-day weekend!)
( O ) KANAZAWA (thank god I have a friend that lives there.  2 birds with 1 stone.)
( X ) Niigata (too far and on a Sunday)
( O ) HIROSHIMA (I can easily turn that into a 4-day weekend should I need to)
( O ) KOBE (It's right there... how can I not?)
( X ) Sapporo (WAY too far and on my friend's birthday)
( O ) YOKOHAMA (back to the beginning... there's no freaking way I can NOT go.)

I don't know how yet, but I WILL go.  *sigh* better aquaint myself with the night bus... boo...
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I hit for the 9/26th concert... 4 tickets!  YATTA~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy crap I was so worried.  *dances*  Thank god.  the tickets are still going for crazy amounts online.

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People!  Go to bed or stay in bed or something!  Anything, just stop calling so that I can call and see if I got Arashi tickets!  11pm... 7am...  I still get the message that the line is busy and to please try calling again.

On a different note, should I not get tickets via the JFC, the cheapest online ticket at the moment is 47000 for unknown seats.  Geez people...
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Here are several of the songs they performed at the 090722 14:00 concert here in Osaka.  I'm cutting it from one really long file, so it'll take me some time.  But for now, here are Bokura no Uta, Hanamuke, and KISS~Kaerimichi no Love Song (with mass singing).


Click here for the links )


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