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The person assigned to remix a fic that I've written has posted it on the [profile] jentfic_remix. lj community. I had been wondering which fic she would choose to remix and I have to admit... I'm really surprised that she even found this one. Wrote it nearly 2 years ago.

So. For those interested, go check it out. It's called "Together, Alone" by [livejournal.com profile] jain  and is a remix of "When it Hurts".

Adopt one today!  <-- My first special looking egg! 

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Title:  Soulmate?  …what?!

Author: [info]talisa_ahn

Pairing: Sakamoto/Nagano… sorta?  And it’s at the Inohara/Seto wedding

Disclaimer: Sadly, no, I do not have anything to do with anything related to JE.  *sigh*

Genre: Comic Fluff

Rating: PG

Summary:  There’s someone out there for everyone.  Inocchi’s found his, but everyone’s reminded that Leader found his other half nearly 10 years ago.

Warning:  So… I don’t know much about Inocchi’s wedding.  Let’s pretend that I do.  ^-^  This is also my first remix anything.  Sorry.

A/N:  This was written for the jentfic_remix April 09 edition.  Thanks to [info]laruku05  for the beta (as always).  And I chose this one cause really, there needs to be more love for the sempai~  <3

ORIGINAL FIC AND AUTHOR:  Love and Marriage by[info]peroxidepest17



In Sakamoto’s opinion, there is someone out there for everyone.  )


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As I lie here in pain from cramps, I just remembered something...  I agreed to do the je_remix thing this year.  (-_-;;;)  I totally forgot.  Anyone have recommendations of peroxidepest17's fics?  She has a lot.


Oh god... how the hell did I forget...  *dies*


MARCH 24: sign-up deadline Sign ups are CLOSED!
MARCH 26-27: assignments will be given
APRIL 23: Status check*
APRIL 26: remixes to be posted (but it can certainly be posted earlier ;) )
(clarification: Authors will not give me the stories; they should be posted on the comm itself on this date.)
MAY 1: stories can be posted elsewhere**



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