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I went to Tackey & Tsubasa's first Kobe show last night.  It was my first time seeing them together and I gotta admit that I'm glad I'll be seeing it twice.  I've seen some of their solo activities, and they're cool and all, but there's something about them being together that's impressive.  I also realized that while I enjoy Takki's solo activities more, when they're together, I'd much rather watch Tsubasa. 

Right.  So anyway.  I'm going to go see them in Yokohama this Saturday, but I applied for Kobe anyway because I was really hoping to see Matori.  haha...  And while my Yokohama tickets SUCK, I had arena seats, 8th row from the front stage and 2 rows away from center stage.  I always forget that when you go to TakiTsuba things, the average age rises to mid-thirties.  There were some middle aged women in front and behind me.  The girl to my right didn't really seem all that thrilled to be there, but the two on my right were really nice.  Before the concert started, I had my uchiwa, binoculars and penlight on my lap and I could hear them talking about the penlight, so I told them that it's just the general one from the shop.  They asked if it's a new penlight and then laughed when I told them that I bought it 2 years ago, 'cause one of them still had the star-shaped one.  The one next to me pointed at my uchiwa and asked who they were for.  I was surprised that when I said, "Matori," she didn't need a further explanation.  Yay.  I told her that I don't know if he'd be there, but she said that it's amazing that I came anyway and got such great tickets.

Anyway.  I have to go but I'll be back with notes later.  For now... have some Juniors.

Kansai Juniors that were there
 - Jr.BOYS (including: Matori, Ota, Mukai, Yoshida, Fuuga)
 - Gang Star (saw all of them)
 - Masaya

Who wasn't there and confused the crap out of me?
 - MSM's NabeSho and Miyadate

During the Junior corner, MSM performed Genkai Meter and FiVE performed Bang Bang Bang.  Also, special guest was Yokoyama Yu, but they mentioned that Muro was there and they said one more person but I couldn't hear.  I assume it was Kikuoka since Yoko was hanging out with him yesterday (according to his jweb anyway.)
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Hey.  Yokoyama Yu here.

I'm hanging out with Subaru today, too.
Friends are great.


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Hey.  Yokoyama Yu here.

Yesterday, I went to eat with Toma and Subaru.
It was fun.

The End.


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For those of you who don't know, Akun is Question?'s guitarist.  I'm amused.



Hey.  Yokoyama Yu here.

Yesterday, I went out to eat with Subaru and Akun.
It was fun~
We ate a lot~
Should go again.


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I don't know why I even opened Maru's jweb today.  I don't normally read it, but since I did, I thought I'd share.   His reason for posting late was cute.   Too bad I can't figure out how to get the photo he linked to off of my phone...  Jweb likes to lock their stuff.  I know it's possible to get it onto a computer, but I don't know how.  Sorry.

Yoko's Jweb
Lunch with his brother... )

Maruyama's Jweb - 100621
Actual computers are less commonly used in Japan than one would think... )

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Hey.  Yokoyama Yu here.

Today is
My mom's birthday.

It's a special day.

Thanks for being born Mom.
Grandpa, Grandma... thanks for having Mom.

Today, I'm going to eat cake.
Mom, eat some cake too.

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Hey.  Yokoyama Yu here.
Sorry I'm a little late.

My brother's trying really hard at his studies.
Really hard.
My middle brother also has a big dream.
I was really surprised.

The big brother can't lose

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Hey.  Yokoyama Yuu here.
Today was my day off.
I slept a lot.
I really slept a lot.
Hachimitsu-san came to hang out in Tokyo.


Adopt one today!
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Hey, Yokoyama Yuu here.
Today is the live in Ehime.

In my heart always.

I always have and will be a child.
I always have and will the the eldest son.
I will work hard to do my best.

I have friends/comrades with me.
I have staff members who are supporting me.
I have friends.
I have my brothers.
I have fans that cheer me on.
Grandpa, Grandma too, are with me always.
And you, too.

I can do anything.
I will do anything.
Just you watch.

I'll enjoy today's live, too.
Thank you.
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This is really just so that I can say that I posted it.   I finished it ages ago and... just didn't share.  Also, I didn't go through it to really organize it (with the bolding and color changing) like how I usually do.  I figure no one's going to read through it anyway, so...

Again, sorry it's so after the fact.

It's been about year... but if you ever hear Yokoyama call Hina, "Papa", this is where it all started )
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I'm home~!  It's been a really busy spring break.

3/28-29 Kansai Junior Concerts
    I'm in the process of writing a concert report for the last show.  It'll be up within a week... hopefully.  GOODS.  7WEST's mini uchiwa was sold out.  Photosets.  Yuma got 3, but other than that, everything else was individual. 

3/30-4/1 Kis-My-Ft2に010逢えるdeShow (Yokohama)
    I went to all four of the shows.  Currently writing a report for the 4/1 show, but I'm on page 11 and only on the MC.  It's taking me a long time and when I do finish it, it will be LONG.  Will write notes for the other 3.

4/3 Yokoyama Yu (Osaka)
    I caught the shinkansen that morning to get to Osaka from Tokyo.  I don't know a lot of Yoko's songs... actually... I only know one.  And he didn't perform it.  haha...  Writing notes for this one since I don't know enough to write an actual report.

4/4 Kis-My-Ftに010逢えるdeShow (Fukuoka)
    As soon as Yoko's show was done, I caught a shinkansen down to Fukuoka.  I was in Osaka for a total of 7 hours Saturday.  They changed a lot for the Fukuoka show and I will write something for it... after I finish the Yokohama report, but possibly before I finish the Kanju and Yoko ones.

Took the overnight bus to come back to Osaka.  Arrived in Umeda at 6:30am, came home to drop off my bags, changed into a suit, and went straight to my elementary school's 入学式.  Came home around 1:30 with plans to just take a nap... and woke up at 6am this morning, meaning that I slept 17 hours last night trying to catch up on sleep.  Missed 2 phone calls and 8 text messages.  Slept through it all.  Oops.

Ok.  Gotta get ready for work.
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Home from Tokyo.  God... there's so much I need to write about, both fic-wise and report/notes-wise.  I'll hopefully get to it a little tomorrow before I go to the Kanju butai for the first time tomorrow afternoon.

Things to write about:
     - 090802
     - 090803
- Kanjani8 PUZZLE 
     - 090606 (Kumamoto)
     - 090730 (Osaka, final tour concert)
- Kanju UME Con
- Gackt

And I actually wrote a fic on the plane this afternoon... lets see how long it's gonna take me to type it up.

Other things to do:
- Finish cutting Tegomass audio
- Shige's Jweb translation
- Start cutting PLAYZONE audio (god, I can't wait for the soundtrack release!!!)
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Went to the last Kanjani8 concert last night.  They announced that there will be a DVD and that last night was the filming for it, which was an awesome 3 and a half hours long.  Well... awesome for me, not too great for my starving-I-wanna-go-home boyfriend.  haha...

During the encore, they also announced a new single.  Subaru taught the audience how to sing part of it and then they actually recorded us to use on the actual single!  It's a cute song, not so Kanjani8-ish, but it's nice.

Well, I'm off to Tokyo.  I know, I know.... "Again?!"  This is my last time for a while.  My boyfriend's flight leaves from Tokyo (not that I told him to do that or anything  ^^) on Sunday morning... and then I'll be going to PLAYZONE with sourangel that afternoon and on Monday.  ^-^  Hello~ front row!
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- Bite number 2, this time on the bottom of my other foot.  Mosquitos, grow a central nervous system so that you feel pain when I smash you to bits.  Kay thanks.

- Originally didn't get tickets for the last concert on the PUZZLE tour because my boyfriend's coming that week.  Turns out, I'm gonna go anyway, and just bring him with me.  ^_______^

- Goddamn it.  Haven't you guys drained enough of my money already this summer?  Guess not.
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By the time most of you read this, we will be on our way down to Fukuoka.  we're lucky enough that our friend lives down there and is willing to house us.  ^-^  Kanjani8 concert tomorrow.  I'm armed with 4 uchiwa.  1 saying that I'm from Hawaii.  Another for Yasu ^-^.   And of course I have one for Bun-chan and Kikuoka.  much love to the juniors.  haha...

for those of you who ordered KAT-TUN goods, they're being shipped.  It'll take a while for me to get them all out, but they're getting done.  ^-^  I highly appreciate your patiece! 

See you later!
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Ok.  So I’ve decided to take pre-orders for both the Kanjani8 PUZZLE Concert and the KAT-TUN Dome Concerts.  Since I haven’t been to either concert yet, I don’t have any previews.  Sorry.  ^^;


If you would like to order, PLEASE read the ordering info at the bottom.  There’s no reason for you to ask me for my email address or if I ship internationally because it’s all there.  Onegaiishimasu.  m(__)m






Kanjani8 & KAT-TUN Concert Goods lists | Ordering information  )


·         PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o   KAT-TUN – May 29 (Friday)

o   Kanjani8 – June 4 (Thursday)

·         ESTIMATED SHIPPING DATES (6/11: Dates have been pushed back a week.  Sorry!!! Your patience is very much appreciated.  m(__)m)

o   KAT-TUN – June 3–10

o   Kanjani8 – June 15-22

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There are a lot of concerts coming up starting next weekend. I'm going to concerts I never really thought I would go to. Like KAT-TUN! Why am I going to see KAT-TUN?! The Answer? EbiKisu are back dancing and the tickets were really cheap. (-_- ;)

Here's what it looks like so far:
May 24: Kansai Johnny's Jr. Concert (12:00 &16:00 shows) - ... right? I'm pretty sure the ones we're going to are both on Sunday.
May 31: KAT-TUN (16:00) - The ticket was only 7000yen. Shh.... we're going so we can see EbiKisu... not cause of the main group...
June 6: Kanjani8 in Kumamoto (18:00) - Yes. We're going all the way down to Kumamoto for this concert. Laruku's fault
June 21: Gackt.... it fell into my lap. I might as well go.
August 3: PLAYZONE 09 (12:00) - These were HARD to get! I applied for 5 different dates and only got 1.



hmm..... that's actually more than I thought. ... oops...

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! 

And so for the KAT-TUN concert, we were so confident that we weren't gonna need to buy any of the goods... until I saw the goods and now I really want the shopping bag, key ring, and make up bag.


They should really do all the shopping bags like this.  I like the idea a lot.   I highly approve.
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Laruku sent me images of the upcoming Kanjani8 concert goods...  Should I take orders?  If I did, it would exclude posters and uchiwa just because it costs so much to ship.  hmm....


Would any of you be interested if I did take orders?
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Title:  Another JE Christmas Story
Author:  Talisa Ahn
Genre:  Romantic Fluff
Pairings:  KitaSen (Kisumai), Pin, GoTsuka (ABC-Z), whatever Takaki x Daiki is, RyoDa, Ohmiya, Sakuraiba…
Disclaimer:  It’s Christmas.  Gimme a break.  And don’t sue.  I don’t own any of them. -_-


“But I won’t poison your backup dancers or send angry Kansai people after you, or—“ )
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So I went to tonight's Kansai Junior Concert (and I can't believe I'm doing this one so on time, but comepletely failed to write the EbiKisu one).  I think it was their first of the series of winter concerts. 


DISCLAIMER:  I'm gonna get this out of the way now.  I know practically nothing about Kansai Juniors.  Please bear with me!  >.>

These are the boys that I'm sure were there.  Akito and Junta (duh), Hamanaka Bunichi, Kikuoka Masahiro, Muro Tatsuki, Ito Masashi, and Yamasaki Kunta.  I was in the 20th row on the 1st level, but the girl in front of me was kinda tall.  Definitely no Hama-chan, Daichi, Satake, or Ota.

They performed at a relatively small theatre near the Dotombori Bridge (aka the Host Bridge) so that was awesome for me considering my lacking ability to distinguish the members from each other.  ^^;  I must say...  I am SO impressed by Akito's and Junta's singing voices!  I would gladly spend a great deal of time just listening to Akito sing.  There's something about it that has such a nice, well-rounded and warm tone to it.  Wonderful to listen to.

Btw...  was it Junta' s birthday recently?  Akito gave Junta a present on stage today (at first claiming that it was a pair of kirakira underwear).  He drew him a picture and framed it.  I have terrible eyesight so I couldn't see the drawing, but everyone else was screaming KAWAII~! so yeah.  From what they were saying, I think it's a drawing of Junta... that Akito copied from someone else's drawing in Wink-Up.  haha...  It was really a cute gift though, and Junta held on to it until he went off-stage to prepare for his solo.

On the ticket it said BAD and OSSaN, but it really meant to say BAD only.  haha...  Akito and Junta were always on the stage.  Well.  On the stage or in the audience.  The theatre has 3 levels and they did an MC thing (I felt like they were constantly talking) and a song on the second level. 

Kinda like Kanjani8, they did a comedy skit in the middle of the concert.  There's an entertainment company (we'll just say it's Johnny's cause it just makes it simpler).  In the office, there's the jimusho president (Bunichi), the gay mid-riff red ruffly wearing choreographer (Muro), the fashion stylist (I think it was Yamasaki, but don't quote me on this!), the OL (hmm... maybe this one was Yamasaki?  I dunt know!), and the "famous" singers (Kikuoka and Ito).  Akito and Junta come in, asking to audition.  Bun-chan lets them dance for him, but tells them that they need better choreography.  Muro sasshays his way onto the stage and hits on Junta the entire time.  Freaking hilarious!  Then Bun-chan tells them that their fashion sucks, sending in the stylist.  They change on stage (well, behind white curtains that are lit from behind) into sailor school girl uniforms.  Muro keeps peaking at Junta.  Kikuoka and Ito come in and sing a really fast paced version of Osaka Romanesque.  Then the audience is asked to choose a song for BAD to sing on the spot.  Sorafune, Yozorano Mukou, or One Love.  The applause for One Love was super loud, but Akito was like, 'But I wanna sing Yozora no Mukou....'  But they try to sing One Love and Akito messed up the lyrics.  They ended up singing Yozora no Mukou.  haha...  Bun-chan shuffle-runs around the stage in a circle the entire song, non-stop.  SO CUTE!

I don't really know any of the songs they performed (again, SORRY!!!) but they did perform this really pretty one called Sakura Michi.  And then, when they'd finished the song, a miracle happened....  YASSU CAME OUT SINGING THE SONG'S MELODY! 

I was screaming before it even fully registered in my brain that it was Yassu!  But there's no way it could have been anyone else... except maybe Massu.  haha....  Seriously?  Ok.  Blue oversized beanie with a bright red pompom, red rimmed glasses, a BRIGHT HOT PINK hoodie, green pajama looking pants, and those mini UGG boots.  Yeah.  He hung around for a while actually.  He talked about his upcoming stage play for a bit.  When he announced that it was gonna be like Kabuki, a girl in the audience said really loud, "Nande?!"  He looked up at her (she was on the 2nd level) and was like, "What do you mean 'nande'?  You're in Osaka!"

They all talk really fast (much faster than the EbiKisu members) and there was a LOT of talking, so I'm having trouble keeping everything straight. 

OH!  Another song I recognized!  The insert song for Gokusen 3.  They entered through the aisle of the 1st level... and I had an aisle seat.  Junta walked RIGHT PAST ME!  (personal opinion, but he's very good looking in person!)

- Junta and Akito's singing voices = AMAZING
- Small venues are wonderful
- Bunichi is awesome to watch in the background cause I feel like he thinks no one is watching him, so he goofs off A LOT!  Goes with my theory that Butoukan is made up of the bakas from each of their various groups
- Performance of the song "Sakura Michi"  (<-- Who sings this song originally?)
- Kikuoka, Bun-chan, and Junta look even better in person
- Akito's drawing present he gave Junta
- Kansai Jr. Skit


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