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Sigh.  Chiaki dislocated her elbow and hit her knee.  4 weeks of medical treatment in the middle of a tour.  Gah...  That must suck so much!  I posted a translation of the email AAA Party members were sent on the matter, but if someone doesn't post the tweets by the other members, I suppose I'll do that too. 

HOW NORMAL PEOPLE STUDY JAPANESE:  Classes, textbooks, worksheets.
HOW I STUDY JAPANESE:  Translating articles, writing letters to idols, watching TV

ETA:  YAY~!  Did all of it!
 -  Gym
 -  Color my hair.  Doing it at home, so I'm kinda scared about the color.  Done and it looks okay.  Won't be needing to wash my hair a million times to tame the color or anything.  :D
 -  Translate things
 -  Pack things.
 -  Pay for Hokkaido tickets  Ouch.
 -  Reserve bus for baseball game weekend
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It's Japan as a whole.  Doesn't matter if you're not a Johnny's... you can still have a horrifically ugly costume.

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Laruku, I wasn't saying Tumbling was your fault, 'cause, yeah, I was watching it before you said anything.  I was saying that this new obsession with AAA is your fault.  And yes.  I do believe this is the first time we've ever liked the same member in a group...  Click B, HOT, ShinHwa, Arashi, Kisumai, NEWS, Kanjani8.... yeah.  I'm pretty sure it's the first.

God I love this song.  The lyrics are so pretty and JE has prepared me so well for costumes like this.  I actually think Nishi's pants are CUTE.  And Shinjiro's wearing glasses.♥   (Not so hot on his pants, but we forgive.)  OH.  And Shuta's voice?  Why don't Shinjiro and Shuta sing more often?  They totally should.

For those who have no idea who those people are... Nishi's the first guy to sing, Misako's the girl with the long wavy hair, Shinjiro's the one with the glasses and the wonderfully low voice, Chiaki's the girl with her hair up, Shuta's the one with the hat (that I think looks a little like Nika, but with blonde, curly hair).  Naoya and Mitsu (yeah.  the RAPPER's name is Mitsu) don't make an appearance in this video.


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