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Here are the scans of the alternate covers from the Kisumai Shop version of the WANNA BEEEE!/Shake It Up single.

KitayamaKitayama 1  SengaSenga 1  MiyataMiyata 1  YokooYokoo 1  FujigayaFujigaya 1  TamamoriTamamori 1  NikaidoNikaido 1 

DL Link: MF
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I didn't write up a report, but I did take notes.  And even more ghetto, this isn't even going to be a post of notes that I've typed up.  Here are scans of my notebook.  I apologize for any mistakes.

Matori, Ota, and Senzaki went to watch this show.  I'll admit here that I might have watched Kanju (read as Matori) more than Kisumai at this show, but really, I'm a Kisumai fan.  I just liked seeing how Kanju reacted to Kisumai, so that's a lot of what these notes are about.  And lots of Matori fanboying Kusumoto who was backdancing for Kisumai. :x 

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New Kis-My-MiNT live shop photos. All of the group/mixed and Kitayama's, select photos of the other members (sans Miyata >.< My bad).

Also, select photos from the SMY2 Crea concerts (released yesterday). They're from the show Fujigaya went to see, which is nice since it looked like all the papa pics were from when Kitayama and Tamamori went.

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There was coverage on the Tokyo Dome concert as well as a few pages of Tama too, but I'm just doing the Crea pages.
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Here are all the mixed photos and all of Kitayama's solo shots that were released on Monday. I only bought two of each of the other members' photos.   [livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth has all of the group and Nika related photos scanned here.

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Sakuma dancing to Kareha no Kage during Takki's solo con 2010
Iwamoto during taiko/drum scene in Kabuki 2012
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I can't remember what's already been posted and I couldn't access LJ over the weekend, so I just scanned everything. Everything is 300dpi.

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300dpi scans of the Kis-My-Magazine that came with the Lawson's/HMV version of We Never Give Up.
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A little bit late, but here are Kitayama's Teigeki shop photos. I hadn't realized he'd gotten so many photos until I started scanning... 25.  Some of the shots are really nice. ♡

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Sorry.  My copy is slightly warped from the moisture in the air, but I figured it's okay enough to post anyway.

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I've let them build up since starting to buy them in February.  I'm missing things in between since I sometimes don't make it to the conbini before work, but it still turned out to be too much for me to scan in one sitting.  ^^;  The rest will have to come at another time.   As will adding the dates to each photo.

Anyway, for now, enjoy!

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This all happened because I volunteered to take over posting at the [livejournal.com profile] kitayama_daily comm... and THEN realized that I don't actually have scans of most things downloaded onto my computer.  *fail*  Anyway.  Started to look through my things for things that I'd want to post and realized that there are a lot of those random magazines that never got scanned. 

Trying to figure out what to do about the magazines that are too wide to fit on my scanner.  Like the POPEYE (full group) and saita (Kitayama and Senga).  I have bits and pieces scanned... Do you want me to just post those?

Anyway.  For now, have TVnavi SMILE and TV Guide.


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Here are the scans for Kitayama's version of the single.  I... may have also scanned unnecessary things.
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Went to the shop today to get the new photos... I got all the group photos and Kitayama's but after that, I only got two of each of the other members. You have no idea how hard it was to leave the other photos behind... (._. ;)

[livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth  only bought the groups, mixed and Nika's. I'm sharing the Kitayama, Senga, Miyata, Yokoo, Fujigaya, and Tamamori photos I got, but I'm assuming someone will redo them later WITHOUT the rainbow effects. Sorry about that. My scanner's acting funny and I don't know how to fix it.

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