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I still want to know what was on Fukka's shirt that it needed censoring.
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Also, DIY natural yogurt/olive oil hair mask makes it feel soft~! 
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Pardon me while I try to figure out what to engrave on the back of my iPod.  I'm buying it back home because it's cheaper... but it means that the engraving can't be in Japanese, which is... *sigh* unfortunate.

1.  I want it to be Kisumai related, better yet if it's Kitayama related.
2.  It'd be great if it didn't sound too retarded in English.  *sigh*
3.  Character limits.  2 lines, 29 characters each.

This is the best I've got so far.  Any thoughts?
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☆  Takoyaki Party last night.  I think I've finally found a favorite!

☆  They've removed the shipping restrictions from Japan to the US.  Yay!

☆  HEIKEHA PERFORMED ON FNS!!!  (=^ェ^=)   For those of you who've never heard of Heikeha, they were a Johnny's Jr unit formed back in 1989.  Of the original 17 members, only 6 are still in Johnny's and consist of TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru, Yamaguchi Tatsuya, and Kokubun Taichi, and V6's Sakamoto Masayuki, Nagano Hiroshi, and Inohara Yoshihiko.  They often backed for Hikaru Genji, so when they performed together for the first time in ages last year on SCP, they chose to sing an arrangement of Graduation.

I don't know.  I just think it's really neat that after all these years, they were able to come together and perform again.  It makes me think of some of the other Junior units that have been rearranged for one reason or another and that maybe, just maybe, we'll get to see them again.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm well aware that the fact that Heikeha is made up of members of existing sempai groups, not just random former juniors, but it makes me think about it anyway.

Heikeha is slotted to perform on this year's SCP Christmas special.  I'll be looking forward to it.

☆  JE_Holiday exchange fic was finished and sent in on time!  At least I hope so.  I used gdocs to do it so we'll just assume that it got to Santa Johnny safely.  I had a lot of issues writing this thing and I hope it turned out ok and that it's what the person wanted.  It definitely didn't turn out the way I'd expected it to.  Thanks again to Anna for being my beta.  I think your comments helped me focus the whole thing better.

☆  Good luck to everyone taking the JLPT today~!  The ones I can think of off the top of my head...  [livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth  [livejournal.com profile] kira_shadow  [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli  [livejournal.com profile] shimizumiki   頑張って〜!
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You know you've lived in Japan too long when...
1. You no longer wear v-neck t-shirts because it is too “revealing”.
2. You no longer wear tank tops because it is too “revealing”.
3. Similarly, you no longer pair tank tops with shorts :(
4. You feel weird wearing flip-flops :((
5. You wear boots all year around.
6. You bow while talking on the telephone.
7. You move away from loud gaijins on the trains or subways because you’re embarrassed.
8. You have an alcoholic beverage with your meal whenever you eat out.
9. If prior to moving to Japan you did not eat rice for breakfast, and you now do.
10. You slurp eating noodles.
11. You won’t blow your nose in public.
12. You pair shorts with mid-calf or over-the-knee boots.
13. Instead of saying "meet me at such time", you say "meet me from such time".

10 out of 13 are accurate for me (8, 9, and 13).  Bah.
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I was just wondering.  At school today I saw a few pages from a book called 悲しい時 (When I'm Sad) and the first page happened to say, "When I see my father's "kanji" mistakes."  The boy in the picture looked sad, but it made me laugh a little cause I thought it was funny...  Maybe I'm just mean.[Poll #1569397]
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Adopt one today! As of this moment, it has 4 hours to live.  Thanks guys.

This is really old, but I showed it to my second years since they were learning how to talk about the weather.  It's fast and in an accent, but they really just needed to pick out words like "Cloudy" and "Windy"...  and they were heavily amused at the fact that I was DYING on the ground. 

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Finally changed my lj layout.  Using one of [livejournal.com profile] scholarslayouts layouts, I was able to make a banner and change the background.  The photo is from Kisumai's first tour pamphlet, but I added my favorite line from Eien no Ticket...

So that we will be able to meet again soon...

It always gets to me when I hear this part.

Anyway.  It's different from my old layout.  The text area is a lot narrower and for some reason... there's no thing to list my tags.  In the preview for the layout, there are tags, but I.... don't know what happened?
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Please get off my JUNIOR show.  I'm pretty sure you already have many programs that are yours.  I watch it so that I can see the juniors... which you no longer are.

That's all.
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Me:  I'm on episode 18.
Laruku:  Gonna marathon it?
Me: Probably...

I started watching the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime yesterday.  I'll probably finish it tonight, but it's taking longer than I thought it would cause I'm also trying to watch the UTABAN 3hr special.  I can't believe Utaban's ending...  They're doing lots of recapping (as they should) and it includes a lot of Arashi.  Did you know that they appeared 26 times?  On that particular ranking, they were 4th place.  Morning Musume won with 51 appearances.

Does anyone know where I might find this uploaded later? 
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Recently, I've been having conversations with various people about who their #1 is, who mine is, and so on.  It's just funny that it came up with so many people over the course of just one week...  So anyway.  Beyond knowing that Kitayama is my #1 and that Kikuoka is #2, I really wasn't sure what my actual order was, especially off the top of my head.  

I still can't believe I took the time to make this thing, but here you are.  Before you ask, I'm really not a fan of numbers 77-100.  It's just that once I started listing members of a group I thought it only fair to somehow include everyone from that group.... and then Uchi.  haha...

If you wanna ask why someone is listed where they are, feel free to do so.  ^-^  I don't mind explaining.


Feb. 11th, 2010 10:05 am
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 I feel somewhat productive.  Today's a holiday here in Japan (although, a Friday holiday would've been more useful than this weird Thursday one) and so I've been doing little things here and there that I've really just never sat down to do.

Adopt one today!  I FINALLY have the mp3 for Otokogumi's Mihari.  God.  You have no idea how long I've wanted this.  Most of you probably know Question?'s version?  And OH.  If you haven't already done so, go watch Question? wo Abake!  They really had no problem ragging on each other.  It was rather awesome.  I also have almost all the Hikaru Genji songs Kisumai used during their concerts.  You know?  They sound much younger in the recordings than I thought they would.

Adopt one today!  I think I've figured out how to cut my audio files on my MAC.  Like, I knew GarageBand must be able to do it, but I just couldn't figure out where the import function was... which is probably because there IS NO IMPORT FUNCTION.  Oh Apple.  Trying to make it simple by wanting us to just drag the thing in.  Now to figure out how to rip audio from video files... hmm....

Adopt one today!   BOTTLES ARE GONE~!  Clothes are folded or in the laundry basket waiting to be washed.  I think I can consider Part 1 of my cleaning plan as complete as it's going to get without new shelves.  And OH!  One of the other guys in my building might take the bed off my hands, which would be GREAT, 'cause then I can just move the couch I don't like into the bedroom and it won't be in my way anymore.  Win-win.

On a different note, I have too many 'Fail' and 'Wth?' related icons and really need to make more positive ones 'cause I've been in need of them lately.  haha...  Maybe one that screams "YES!" or "YATTA!" or something.  *pets Gocchi* Ganbatte ne.
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This month's DUET makes me laugh so hard...  First, here are the ones that I just liked.  They're simple and... well... I just like them.  A lot.

好きだから、いっしょにいてよ。 [北山宏光]
surprise, surprise... I like Mitsu's the most.  It makes me happy
オレの横で一生笑っていてください。 [濱田崇裕]
I think I like Hama-chan's one so much cause it's just really sweet.  *happy sigh*
オレ弱いけど、守るときは守るからね♥  [橋本良介]
Hasshi gets points because I can imagine how earnest he'd look saying this.

Adopt one today!   Adopt one today!

Now here are the ones that will continue to make me smile for a LONG time~!  ^______^

ギューしよう!!オレの"FIRE BEAT"感じるだろう?好きだよ ♥ ずっとずっと...。[河合郁人]
Oh Fumito... please continue to be jealous that Fire Beat is not an ABC-Z song.
好きっす!好きっす!!キッス!!! [宮田俊哉]
Miyacchi, is this how you confessed to Tama-chan?  I honestly hope not.
ウルトラ大好き! [戸塚祥太]
Tottsu... WIN.
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I've been watching the 2006 Kouhaku Uta Gassen all morning and there's this part where TOKIO is introduced.  When I was watching this 4 years ago, we kind of made our own assumptions as to what was being said... And now that I can ACTUALLY understand Japanese, it's like, "Oh! I get it!"

Ok.  That's all.  I thought it was amusing.

Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!
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 How do you organize your bags?

I'm serious.  I have a LOT of bags and purses.  They're currently all over my apartment and I had attempted to hang them, but it's just so messy and a pain to get to the bag I want.  So, I was just wondering, how do the rest of you do it?

I'd love to hear from as many of you as possible.  Even if you've never commented on my lj before.  Please and thank you!

Adopt one today! <-- Clicks are also much appreciated. I'm hoping to name this one after Shingaki or Kotaki.
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How do I copy and paste into lj?  Every time I try, it just doesn't.  HELP!

EDIT:  Is my only choice to "Paste and Match Style"?
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 Happy New Year!

And no, I'm not late cause it only been 2010 in Hawaii for a little more than an hour.

While my life as a fangirl was quite fantastic last year, the rest of it was in dire need of help.  SO, I've already decided that 2010 is going to kick 2009's ass!  After all, the tiger can easily slaughter the cow.  RAWR~!

I'll be back tomorrow with a better New Year's post.  ^_~
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I'm back home in Hawaii for the holidays.  Still pretty computer-less (the one I want is currently sold out) but otherwise quite happy to be home.  ^-^

I hope that everyone has a good holiday season and stays in good health for the new year!
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After finishing the entire 5th season of So You Think You Can Dance (you have no idea how much I love this show...) I actually tried to be productive this morning. I had a long talk with my roommate back home, and then I packed Kisumai goods orders. There's so many of them... >.< Packed 10 orders today (and they'll go to the post office tomorrow since today's a holiday). Have to go buy poster tubes (cause they're SO easy to find in Japan! *note the sarcasm*) and more boxes.

Now, the only thing left to be even more productive is write my NaNo...

And as for my last post. I'm not really ok, but I'm trying. It's going to be a long time before I start feeling better. Sorry to worry you guys.

EDIT: Forgot about my dragon... *terrible*
Adopt one today!


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