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I didn't write up a report, but I did take notes.  And even more ghetto, this isn't even going to be a post of notes that I've typed up.  Here are scans of my notebook.  I apologize for any mistakes.

Matori, Ota, and Senzaki went to watch this show.  I'll admit here that I might have watched Kanju (read as Matori) more than Kisumai at this show, but really, I'm a Kisumai fan.  I just liked seeing how Kanju reacted to Kisumai, so that's a lot of what these notes are about.  And lots of Matori fanboying Kusumoto who was backdancing for Kisumai. :x 

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Still have to go back in and fill some blanks and bits in, but here you go.  Sexy Zone's concert from a Kanju fan's POV.

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I went to see Sexy Zone's concert today in Umeda, knowing that Kanju would be there and really hoping that Matori would too.  SUCCESS.  Matori was there AND he changed his hair.  It's brown now, slightly permed and kinda looks like a mushroom, but yay!  No more black!  Overall, I actually did enjoy the concert.  I didn't pay much attention to the SZ members, but the songs and set list were good.  (*´◡`)

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to write up notes/reports on all cons I go to this year, but since I now have a huge headache, I'm just here to say who I saw at SZ today.  'Cause that's what I do when I see Kanju... I take attendance.

Aぇ少年  - ◯ all there
Little Gangs - No clue since I don't know who's in Little Gangs.  If someone knows, please tell me!  Did see Sanda though.
Gang Star - △ Saw Jo, Imae, Takumi, and Kazuya. I hear Nairu was there, but I didn't see him.  Definitely no Atsushi. 
Jr.BOYS BEST - △ Matori, Ota, Kusumoto, Richard, Negoro, Satsuki.  No Goku or Ryoya.  Did Goku quit?  Sounds like there's a rumor that Uemura said that Ryoya didn't quit, so I'm going to hold onto that and hope I get to see him soon.
Jr.BOYS SP - △ Uemura, Koga, Kihara, Suezawa, Kodama, Haruki, Masaya, Okamura, and Mishima.  Didn't see Murata. 

Also saw: Toda, Fukumoto, Maruyama, Takada, Fukui, Iwamoto, Kawakishi, and Kotegawa.
Didn't see: Kitada (I think he quit), Yasui, Lenon... Didn't see Junya, but I hear he was there.
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Title: Confessions
Pairing/Group: Hayashi Matori (Jr.BOYS) x Kusumoto Yukito (Gang Star)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Matori’s decided that because it’s his birthday, he should get whatever he wants. This includes bringing Kusumoto home with him… all the way to Shiga.
A/N: Written for Matori’s 21st birthday (8/30). :)


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I sorta wrote last week after seeing Kanju in Kobe.  Not much, but ah well.  Ota's really tortured in my Kanju fics and I feel bad for him... and I guess Mukai does too.

Takes place at some point after the Kobe shows.
(Kusumoto, Matori, Fuuga, Ryoya, Mukai, and poor Ota)
WARNING:  I wrote last week, before knowing about Daichi.

It's no secret that Matori had liked the curls... A LOT )
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Drabble in response to the fact that Matori and Kusumoto were all over each other at the December 15 BBV concert, but have since then been no where near each other on stage.

Takes place backstage after the December 15th concert.

Matori, that is NOT PG! )
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I for some reason wrote a lot at school today.  BBV concert report is up and I also have these drabble things too.  They're all really short and unrelated, but enjoy.

3 Kanju and 1 EbiKisu )
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Finally finished this report.  And only a month late. ^^;

Went to see BBV on December 15 with Rachel. I was so excited to see Kanju again and honestly, the concert was awesome. Great seats, got seen by a bunch of the boys, and they sang a lot of the songs I was hoping they'd sing. This concert reminded my just why I love Kanju SO MUCH.

And seriously~? Goods FAIL. I went to the concerts four times and I don't remember seeing anyone buying goods any of those times. No one wanted the clappy balloon things at the TOUZAI Uta Gassen. No one wants them at the Kanju thing either. Ok.  Enough complaining about that.  It saved fans money.

OUR SEATS. The Shochikuza has three floors and in general is a rather small venue. If they aren't within the first few rows on the first floor, I actually prefer the second or third floors 'cause it's easier to see the main stage. Can't see the hanamichi from the second or third floors, but I'm mostly there to see Matori and he never goes there anyway. And since it's a little hard to explain, you can find a seating chart here. Our seats were on the second floor, left side balcony, seats 3 and 4. 4 is better than 3 because it's next to the door and Kanju are really good about coming out to the balcony through those doors. Rachel claimed 4, because hey. Her tickets, she's tall enough to see over my head, and I like the number 3 better anyway. haha...

JUNIORS THAT APPEAR: B.A.D., BOYS, Veteran, KyoOtoko, Gang Star, and Jr.BOYS. Yuma was also there.

WARNING: I'm a Matori fan and there is flailing included in this.

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I went to Tackey & Tsubasa's first Kobe show last night.  It was my first time seeing them together and I gotta admit that I'm glad I'll be seeing it twice.  I've seen some of their solo activities, and they're cool and all, but there's something about them being together that's impressive.  I also realized that while I enjoy Takki's solo activities more, when they're together, I'd much rather watch Tsubasa. 

Right.  So anyway.  I'm going to go see them in Yokohama this Saturday, but I applied for Kobe anyway because I was really hoping to see Matori.  haha...  And while my Yokohama tickets SUCK, I had arena seats, 8th row from the front stage and 2 rows away from center stage.  I always forget that when you go to TakiTsuba things, the average age rises to mid-thirties.  There were some middle aged women in front and behind me.  The girl to my right didn't really seem all that thrilled to be there, but the two on my right were really nice.  Before the concert started, I had my uchiwa, binoculars and penlight on my lap and I could hear them talking about the penlight, so I told them that it's just the general one from the shop.  They asked if it's a new penlight and then laughed when I told them that I bought it 2 years ago, 'cause one of them still had the star-shaped one.  The one next to me pointed at my uchiwa and asked who they were for.  I was surprised that when I said, "Matori," she didn't need a further explanation.  Yay.  I told her that I don't know if he'd be there, but she said that it's amazing that I came anyway and got such great tickets.

Anyway.  I have to go but I'll be back with notes later.  For now... have some Juniors.

Kansai Juniors that were there
 - Jr.BOYS (including: Matori, Ota, Mukai, Yoshida, Fuuga)
 - Gang Star (saw all of them)
 - Masaya

Who wasn't there and confused the crap out of me?
 - MSM's NabeSho and Miyadate

During the Junior corner, MSM performed Genkai Meter and FiVE performed Bang Bang Bang.  Also, special guest was Yokoyama Yu, but they mentioned that Muro was there and they said one more person but I couldn't hear.  I assume it was Kikuoka since Yoko was hanging out with him yesterday (according to his jweb anyway.)
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Title: Growth
Fandom: Hayashi Matori (Jr.BOYS)/Kusumoto Yukito (Gang Star)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Disclaimer: Don’t own them
Setting: August 2010
Note:  Thanks go out to [livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth  for the beta and for also poking me to finish this.  Would never have finished writing this otherwise.


Kusumoto loves the summer... )
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Title: Actions Louder Than Words
Fandom: Hayashi Matori (Jr.BOYS)/Kusumoto Yukito (Gang Star)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Disclaimer: Don’t own them.
Setting: August 2010
Summary: Matori lives really far from the theater.  When they have a long run of shows in Osaka, he doesn’t make it home very often... So what does he do?
Note: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth  for the beta!


’So whose house are you staying at tonight?’ )

ANNOUNCEMENT: We've opened the [livejournal.com profile] kansai_juniors community that I'd mentioned previously. There are still a few kinks to work out, but go check it out!


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