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 - My band music binder!  I want something to DO when I go to the music room after school
 - My Adobe CS2 Suite installation cd's!  I'm tired of not having it!


 - A new laptop!  Still don't have one cause I don't like to settle and the one I want wasn't in stock.
 - A new external.  Did you know they make a WD Passport sized 1TB external hard drive?!  I want so badly, but will probably just buy another 500GB cause the TB is over $200.
 - Clothes.  Jeans to be more specific, but I'm not in a huge rush.  The shopping center is kinda crazy at the moment.
 - Omiyage.  Yeah.  Most of my luggage space will be going to this.

 - Karaoke, but this will be taken care of tomorrow.
 - See friends.  This is the hard part 'cause most of them I have to see seperately since a lot of them don't really know each other.  AND ONE OF THEM GOT MARRIED WHEN I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION!  WTH?!
 - Swap meet to get things for my students.
 - WRITE!  I really was looking forward to having time to do this... time I apparently don't actually have.

I'm running out of time very, VERY quickly!

Adopt one today!
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but my laptop died overnight last night. *sigh* I don't think I lost anything that important... mostly everything is backed up on externals... except for my internet favorites folder. *sigh* Things have GOT to start going right at some point.
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Finally told my parents last night... and then they went to wake up my brother to talk to me.

From my mom - "Take care of what you can and try not to worry about the things that you have no control over. Do something just for you this weekend."

From my dad - "There are lots of fish in the sea."

From my 28 year old brother - "Don't listen to Dad, cause that was retarted. That saying only works if you're a guy cause the amount of females in this world out number the guys by a lot. You're 23 now, so basically, your biological clock is ticking. Mom was 36 when she had kids so you just need to leave yourself some time before then to actually meet the person and stuff. Just remember... There are guys better than him, and then there are also guys who are shorter than you, fatter and uglier than you. Just don't end up with one of those again. And don't bring home one of those Japanese guys with the orange hair and skinny frame cause that would be gross."

Brother: Hopefully you'll learn from this and it'll be better next time.
Me: So far all I got is that I shouldn't believe in anyone. *bitter*
Brother: Yeah... believing in people gets you no where. Dad believes in people and look where it's gotten him. (笑)

DISCLAIMER ('cause I for some reason feel like I need one): My dad's awesome. He's just kinda the dame-character in the family... Like Sho or something. They're both actually really smart, but picking on them somehow unites everyone.
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After finishing the entire 5th season of So You Think You Can Dance (you have no idea how much I love this show...) I actually tried to be productive this morning. I had a long talk with my roommate back home, and then I packed Kisumai goods orders. There's so many of them... >.< Packed 10 orders today (and they'll go to the post office tomorrow since today's a holiday). Have to go buy poster tubes (cause they're SO easy to find in Japan! *note the sarcasm*) and more boxes.

Now, the only thing left to be even more productive is write my NaNo...

And as for my last post. I'm not really ok, but I'm trying. It's going to be a long time before I start feeling better. Sorry to worry you guys.

EDIT: Forgot about my dragon... *terrible*
Adopt one today!
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I've sorta stopped doing a lot recently... I'm going through a really hard time right now. A lot's happened, but I suppose the thing hurting the most is that I'm single for the first time in a little over 5 years. I'm in an increadible amount of hurt right now and I just can't wait for 2009 to be done with cause it's sucked in practically all aspects of my life.

*sigh* ok. I have to go an pretend to be enthusiastic for my friend's birthday now.

and for the first time ever, comments are turned off.
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For those of you who wished me a 'Happy Birthday', thank you~!  It was a rather good birthday, that sorta lasted 2 days since Japan and Hawaii/Seattle are 19 hours apart.  haha...  It was kinda nice.

I went to see the movie Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu last night with a friend... IT WAS SO SAD!  I was crying within the first 5 minutes of the movie.  That said though, it was a good movie.  I'd go see it again.  Probably not the best movie to see on my birthday, but I hadn't thought that one through.  haha...

match1608 coming to Osaka tomorrow, birthday dinner tomorrow night, and then Kisumai this weekend... and, oh yeah, NaNoWriMo starts Sunday.  It's gonna be an interesting weekend.  ^-^
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This weekend is my town's Bon Odori... for those of you who don't know, Obon is the time of year in Japan when our ancestors can come back to see how we're doing.  At Bon Odori, you're supposed to dance at least once to show them that you're doing ok so that they can go back in peace.

Personally, I love Bon Odori.  You get to dress up in yukata and dance... but I wish I didn't have to go to my town (the town I teach in) to do it.  -_-  I get embarassed easily and my supervisor at the BOE always tries to sign the foreigner up for the yukata contest...  We'll see if I can get out of it this year cause I really hate doing those kinds of things.  (._. ') hazukashiiwa....

On the bright side, I get to go with my supervisor's former boss and his wife, so I won't have to go alone.  ^-^

And for those of you still thinking about the Kanju TOUGH WEEDS photosets... time's running out!
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Went to the last Kanjani8 concert last night.  They announced that there will be a DVD and that last night was the filming for it, which was an awesome 3 and a half hours long.  Well... awesome for me, not too great for my starving-I-wanna-go-home boyfriend.  haha...

During the encore, they also announced a new single.  Subaru taught the audience how to sing part of it and then they actually recorded us to use on the actual single!  It's a cute song, not so Kanjani8-ish, but it's nice.

Well, I'm off to Tokyo.  I know, I know.... "Again?!"  This is my last time for a while.  My boyfriend's flight leaves from Tokyo (not that I told him to do that or anything  ^^) on Sunday morning... and then I'll be going to PLAYZONE with sourangel that afternoon and on Monday.  ^-^  Hello~ front row!

oh god....

Jul. 26th, 2009 11:15 am
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someone shoot me.  my phone bill is 33000yen for the month of June.  (>.< ;)
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I now have a mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot.  The little fucker bit me as i was sleeping and it actually woke me up cause it freaking BURNS!  3.49am. 

Now i have to go to the Kanju concert with an itchy foot.

Dear mosquitos of the world,
I hope each and every one of you dies a most painful death.  Seriously.
'Kay, thanks.

And on a different note completely...  I think I've figured out why i have such a ridiculous time writing ABC fics...  I actually think they're all straight.  And the Z is confused.  Ok.  That is all.
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Today, Laruku and I will be heading out to Tokyo for the weekend.  No, there's no concert involved, but Laruku's flight back to Hawaii leaves from Tokyo so we thought it'd be a good idea to make a holiday out of it.  ^-^

I apologize for the delay in shipping.  Things have been so hectic with Laruku and then our other friend Quinn coming to stay with me (Fukuoka/Kumamoto last weekend for the K8 concert and then Tokyo this weekend)  and I haven't been able to make enough time to get the orders out by the estimated shipping time periods.  I'm really sorry and I will get them out to you all as fast as I can.  I really do appreciate your understanding in the matter.  m(__)m

Other than that, I'll see you all on Sunday night or so.  ^-^
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Dear Old Man that may or may not have already lost his mind,

In the last couple of years, I have held on to the belief that there is a reason to everything that you do.  I hated HSJ when they first debuted.  I'm still not a fan and I'm still sad when I think about Shoon and Taiyou, but I can see how much some of my students like them and I can forgive.  Well... a little.

So tell me...  Why you continue to hold onto Kisumai as Juniors?  Please.  I accepted a long time ago that ABC will never debut.  They're valuable as backup dancers and not vocally strong enough to be able to formally debut, but Kisumai is very talented all around and loved by so many.  Is it because they draw hoards of people to anything you stick them to?  Do you think that no one will watch Shokura without them?  Or are you just pushing them to do theatre work in hopes that we won't notice that you're not debuting them?  What is it?  If you choose not to debut them this year, you'll lose some of them.  Is that what you intend? 'cause that would break my heart.

Yuma's talented.  Looks a little odd (really big eyes), but talented.  I understand (although I do think you should wait a little bit longer.  He's got time).  But B.I.Shadow?  I don't understand at all.  Of all the juniors you could have picked, B.I.Shadow?  Why?  At least choose some of the Kansai Jrs.  They're loaded with talent.  I'd've sooner taken Yuma by himself.

Maybe you don't intend to actually debut Yuma and B.I.Shadow and this really is all just for Yuma's drama, but please take care of those boys, some of which have been in your care for over 10 years.  They're putting so much faith in you.


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By the time most of you read this, we will be on our way down to Fukuoka.  we're lucky enough that our friend lives down there and is willing to house us.  ^-^  Kanjani8 concert tomorrow.  I'm armed with 4 uchiwa.  1 saying that I'm from Hawaii.  Another for Yasu ^-^.   And of course I have one for Bun-chan and Kikuoka.  much love to the juniors.  haha...

for those of you who ordered KAT-TUN goods, they're being shipped.  It'll take a while for me to get them all out, but they're getting done.  ^-^  I highly appreciate your patiece! 

See you later!
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Yay~!  I get to go back to school today!  Haven't been to work in 2 and a half weeks.  A little too long since I wasn't expecting it.  (-_- ;)

Adopt one today!  <-- His name is Kazupon!  Is there any way to get Kazupon's Shounen Club Premium?  mitai~~~  (T-T)

Adopt one today!  <--  This little guy still needs a name.  suggestions anyone?

Adopt one today!   <-- Uebo-hime.  My last white one, Uebo, died while I was at home.
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So, as you all know, I went home for 10 days during Golden Week.  Was in Hawaii, Seattle, and again in Hawaii before flying back to Japan.  Got to see all (well almost all...  sorry Whit...) the people I meant to see while I was there and turned out that a crap ton of people missed me more than I thought.  One of my roommates is moving back to Hawaii (from Seattle) in June but told me that she'd stay in Seattle if I moved back.  One of the underclassmen said that if felt like her Seattle family was home again...  It was really nice seeing everyone.

But it also turned out to be a not so event-free vacation as well.  Got into a car accident.  I wasn't the driver and it turned out to be the car's fault more than anything.  Considering that the front passenger seat is supposed to be the most dangerous, I walked away with the least amount of injuries.  The driver hit her head on the steering wheel (yeah...  our seat belts didn't hold us in very well and the airbag didn't deploy until the second hit) and her knee hurts when she walks.  The girl in the back seat had been leaning forward to ask a question when we hit.  Nothing serious... She'll be on crutches for a while but there was no fracture. 

The car is gone and beyond repair.  No, it wasn't a car/car accident (again.  REALLY LUCKY).  It was more of a Car vs. Onramp Rail kind of thing. 

So, what's the lesson people?  If you live in a rainy/wet place like SEATTLE, have good tires!

Funny thing, that's not the end of my wonderful vacation (which I'm still really glad I went on).  I came back to Japan Sunday.  Monday was a holiday for my school.  My supervisor told me I should stay home today.  Just got a phone call saying that they would like me to stay home tomorrow as well.  SWINE FLU people...  Japanese people are very worried about SWINE FLU spreading to Japan.

Ok.  Granted, I had a runny nose Sunday night when my supervisor called to ask how I was doing, but my body's tired and I've been jumping time zones for the past week and a half.  On top of that.  I'm allergic to dogs.  Especially long haired dogs that like to shed... a LOT.  I slept over Laruku's house Friday night and woke up to Simba lying on top of me.  My eyes are still itchy.  Anyway.  Not actually sick, but I'm stuck at home til they decide otherwise.
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I'm going home~!!!! This is the longest I've ever been away from Hawaii so I'm absolutely thrilled to be home for a bit. THANK YOU JAPANESE PEOPLE FOR CREATING GOLDEN WEEK!

So yeah. Since I'll be home, my japanese cell phone will not be active, so for those of you who usually contact me through texts... leave your message here or email me at horangi004[at]gmail[dot]com. ^-^

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Cause I don't want them to die while I'm home... >.>
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Yep. Didn't forget... haha.... sorta. I just forgot that yesterday was the 25th (Japan time). ^^;

You never update your own journal, but you're everywhere on lj and you're on 10x more than me daily. haha... Thanks for always sending me good fics and videos to watch. It really is appreciated. Probably would never see some of that stuff on my own since I only really check the Kisumai lj community and individual journals.

Ok. Gonna call you now. Ya better be on.

Adopt one today! <--So close!
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It's been one of the busiest Spring Breaks of my life.  Went to Korea for a couple days to see my boyfriend (which was awesome.  His students are freaking CUTE!) and then my family came to visit.  So freaking tired...  AND BROKE!!!  My mom was like, "Why are you broke?  Your brother's been buying all the train tickets."  WHO DO YOU THINK HAS BEEN PAYING FOR ALL THE FOOD?!

Anyway.  I now have a bet with my brother and dad to see who can lose the most weight by July 10.  If I win, I get then Nikon Coolpix P80 camera I've been eyeing for the past year.  If my brother wins, he gets a PS3.  Who knows what my dad would get.  haha...

Just watched the game portion of Shokura.  Rachel... Before they even started, I had no faith in your boy.  haha...  It was ultimate fail and was awesome!  haha...  Although I did lol over the SenKaido pairing. 
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.... again.  haha...  Anyway.  I'm off to Korea til Sunday.  My boyfriend moved to Korea last month so this is my first time seeing him since... July?  What is that...  8 months I haven't seen him? 



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