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I didn't write up a report, but I did take notes.  And even more ghetto, this isn't even going to be a post of notes that I've typed up.  Here are scans of my notebook.  I apologize for any mistakes.

Matori, Ota, and Senzaki went to watch this show.  I'll admit here that I might have watched Kanju (read as Matori) more than Kisumai at this show, but really, I'm a Kisumai fan.  I just liked seeing how Kanju reacted to Kisumai, so that's a lot of what these notes are about.  And lots of Matori fanboying Kusumoto who was backdancing for Kisumai. :x 

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March 31st

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Sign of emotion    
This month, the four of these guys showed us different emotions. 
The themes are "Something I've laughed at recently" and "An embarrassing episode."

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Kobe concerts were today.  No Matori (well, no Jr.BOYS or chibiko Jrs.) and NO DAICHI.  It seems like he wasn't at the Fukui or Kagawa shows either?  I really, REALLY hope he's there in the May Osaka shows.

On a better note, Reiya's smile, when directed right at you from about 10 feet away?  It's really, REALLY nice.
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Q. Who would you not want as your rival in love?

Muro Masaya
A. Ryusei or Kotaki. They look like they'd be good at approaching girls and like it'd be easy for them to say things that'd make girls happy. Plus they're both really tall!

Senzaki Ryota
A. JunJun (Nakama Junta). He's really nice, patient, and he's the 'prince' character. If I were a girl, I think I'd fall in love with JunJun (laugh).

Watanabe Reiya
A. Ryusei-kun. No matter how you look at it, he's really attractive. Without saying anything, he's cool just standing there. Being otokomae to that extent is seriously unfair.

Nitta Naoto
A. If I were to think of the Kansai Juniors, everyone. I know that everyone is charming. I don't want to fight over a girl with my friends either, so not just one person, but everyone.

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This is a translation that was requested by [livejournal.com profile] king_kun .

Watanabe Reiya
Akanishi Jin's concert at Osaka Jo Hall was incredible. And what was incredibly bad, was me (laugh). After the show, Kiku-san, Junta-kun, Yukito and I went to his dressing room. When we did, Akanishi-kun was so pretty that I was nervous beyond control just greeting him. Akanishi-kun told us, "Ganbatte ne," but I was so happy that I couldn't move (laugh). Too nervous, right? I wonder where that unique quality of his comes from. I really admire him…

I've never stood on a stage outside of Osaka before, so when this West Japan tour was decided, I was really happy! This time, we can go out to meet all the fans that up until now have come to Osaka to cheer us on. It our first time doing this so I think it'll be a lot of work, but I'll do my best dancing for every show!
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Finally finished this report.  And only a month late. ^^;

Went to see BBV on December 15 with Rachel. I was so excited to see Kanju again and honestly, the concert was awesome. Great seats, got seen by a bunch of the boys, and they sang a lot of the songs I was hoping they'd sing. This concert reminded my just why I love Kanju SO MUCH.

And seriously~? Goods FAIL. I went to the concerts four times and I don't remember seeing anyone buying goods any of those times. No one wanted the clappy balloon things at the TOUZAI Uta Gassen. No one wants them at the Kanju thing either. Ok.  Enough complaining about that.  It saved fans money.

OUR SEATS. The Shochikuza has three floors and in general is a rather small venue. If they aren't within the first few rows on the first floor, I actually prefer the second or third floors 'cause it's easier to see the main stage. Can't see the hanamichi from the second or third floors, but I'm mostly there to see Matori and he never goes there anyway. And since it's a little hard to explain, you can find a seating chart here. Our seats were on the second floor, left side balcony, seats 3 and 4. 4 is better than 3 because it's next to the door and Kanju are really good about coming out to the balcony through those doors. Rachel claimed 4, because hey. Her tickets, she's tall enough to see over my head, and I like the number 3 better anyway. haha...

JUNIORS THAT APPEAR: B.A.D., BOYS, Veteran, KyoOtoko, Gang Star, and Jr.BOYS. Yuma was also there.

WARNING: I'm a Matori fan and there is flailing included in this.

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