Sep. 5th, 2012 12:08 am
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Alas, my summer officially comes to an end.  Technically opening ceremony was yesterday, but tomorrow's my first day back in the classroom.  A return to a routine schedule might be a welcome change with the start of school again.  I'm better at time management when I have less time on my hands.  I'm big on to-do lists and goals, so I replanted my tree over at this afternoon.  I got lazy over the summer and my tree was all dried up. 

Ah well.  It was a good summer filled with work and concerts.  Ayaka, Matchy/Takki fireworks, Shounentachi twice, Summary twice, Takki twice, Nika/Yokoo butai... NEWS.  I enjoyed all of them, but seeing Ayaka and NEWS in particular left large impressions.  I'm so glad that I went.  *breathes*  Yes.  Lots of feelings there that I hadn't realized were in me.

Everyone here is on different schedules but I hope you all did something you enjoyed this summer. :) 
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Back from Fukuoka~ イエイ!  Kisumai was really good.  The set list is made up of mostly new songs from the album so I don't have the emotional attachment that I had to their Jr. songs.  At first I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but by the end of last night's show, I was starting to really get into some of the new songs. 

I'm supposed to write a report/notes for the shows, but omg I don't even know where to start.  >.<  MITSU~ His solo was amazing (even with the mistakes 'cause well, it was definitely live) and just everything was really fun.  Most of the new costumes were really good too.

Anyway, for now, I posted the set list at the comm and have started a report, but probably won't really get to it until later.  I don't know which show to write a report about. 
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It's the weekend~!   。.:*・゜ヽ(゚▽゚)  Went to bed really early last night so I'm up earlier than normal on a Saturday morning.  Was actually able to take out the trash, go buy Mitsu's Saturday Johnny's (Gah! o(≧▽≦)o So cute!), and have started to organize the TV magazines that were already gutted.  Yay productivity!

 - Give Kisumai exchange fic another read through :D I think I can turn it in tonight.
 - Gut TV magazines (but I noticed that I'm missing last week's TV Guide. >.<)
 - Pack Ebi goods
 - Pack trading cards
 - Build new shelf
 - Organize magazines on new shelf

 - Figure out what to do with Kanju and Kisumai papa pics
 - Clip newspaper articles
 - Make notes on doujin collection
 - Write up notes on KAT-TUN concert
 - Write up notes on ABC-Z concert

Also listening to a playlist of the music I used to listen to in middle school and high school.  Hello 'N Sync, BSB, Click B, ShinHwa, SES, HOT, Da Pump, GLAY, and S#arp!  Nothing like listening to some old school to put me in a good mood. ^-^b
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Old Plan: Go to all 10 shows.
New Plan: Go to about 10 shows.

What you don't see there is that the new plan costs a lot more because it now includes hotel, buying resale tix, and changing buses.  SIGH... First things first.  Need to find tickets for the newly added Fukuoka and Hokkaido shows... then figure out Hiroshima... and THEN (if I have money left) see if I can go to more than one Nagoya show.  Jimusho... I hope you enjoy eating my money.

I'm not sure how many Osaka shows we hit for yet, but I've decided to not buy any resale tix for the shows we don't hit for because.... MY COLLEGE ROOMMATE IS COMING TO VISIT!!!  Technically, I see her whenever I go back to Hawaii, but this is her first time coming to visit me in Japan!  She got some ridiculous deal so her round trip tickets are only $555 to come to Osaka during Golden Week.  SO EXCITED~~~~~!!!!
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*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
I hope Matori is there~!
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March 30 (FRI) - work then overnight bus to Fukuoka.
April 1 (SUN) - Kisumai concert and then overnight bus back to Osaka.

April 4 (WED) - work, bus to Nagoya. Kisumai concert. Overnight bus to Osaka.
April 5 (THURS) - My JHS 入学式, bus to Nagoya, Kisumai concert.  Overnight bus to Osaka.
April 6 (FRI) - My elementary school's 入学式, overnight bus to Tokyo.
April 8 (SUN) - Kisumai Dome concert, overnight bus to Osaka.
April 9 (MON) - My JHS 始業式

May 12 (SAT) - Overnight bus to Hiroshima
May 13 (SUN) - Kisumai con, overnight bus to Osaka.

June 3 (SUN) - Flight to Hokkaido, Kisumai concert, flight to Tokyo, overnight bus to Osaka.
June 4 (MON) - Arrive in Osaka and pray that I'm not late for work at 8am °・(ノД`)・°・

It's possible and probable that I will die somewhere along the way (I work Monday-Friday, starting at 8am).  I hope they never know how much trouble we go through to see them.
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Just to get it off my chest now, UGH.  Megaupload.  That wasn't news I wanted to wake up to earlier this week. >.>  And while there are other sites people can use to upload and share vids, it's just not going to be the same.  Be careful people!  We don't want these people attacking LJ next. :/

In other news, I'm probably going to more non-Kisumai concerts this year than intended.
 - AAAThis is year three in their fanclub and I have yet to go to one of their shows.  Their tour balloting is always in November, which is when I'm trying to ballot for Kanju and, well, Kanju (Matori) > AAA.  BUT!!!  They just opened a second round for this year's tour, so I applied.  If I hit, I'll go.  If not, I'll set aside that money now so that I can apply for sure for next year's tour.  Well.  Didn't hit.  *sets money aside*
 - Ayaka.  I don't talk about it much because most people around here are here for Johnny's related things, but I absolutely love Ayaka.  I didn't go see her before her hiatus and always regretted it.  She's coming to Osaka in July and I don't intend on missing this opportunity again.  Just finished applying for tickets.  Hope I hit!
 - ABC-Z, KAT-TUN, Sexy Zone.  KAT-TUN and SZ have a lot to do with Kanju.  If I'm doing my math correctly, Matori will be entering his final year of university this year.  His hair was black all winter and that worries me.  Many Japanese students go job hunting at the end of their third year.  He said that he wasn't job hunting and he said a long time ago that he'd stay as long as he still had fans, but still... I have to accept that there's a high probability that he'll leave when he graduates.  I have to enjoy him while I can and then wish him the best when he goes. 

ETA:  Kisumai's tour dates!  Not the 47 tour we'd been anticipating, but only 10 shows.  I hope they'll get the chance to do a 47 tour later, but I will happily take the 10 show tour with it's 3rd single and 1st album!  Especially that album. ♡
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New Year's Resolutions: 2012

☆  Manage your money better.  I know you want to go to as many Kisumai concerts as humanly possible this year, but at least put SOME money into savings!  Cook more at home.  Don't buy drinks from the vending machine.  Be pickier when you go shopping.  And it wouldn't kill you to ride your bike to school sometimes!
☆  Go to the gym.  I'm not hoping for a miracle here, but you could haul your lazy ass to the gym at least twice a week!
☆  Write more fic.  You wrote MAYBE two last year and a handful of drabbles.  *tsk tsk*  And along the same lines, fulfill all your Trick or Drabble and Drabble Wishlist requests!  Late is better than never!
☆  Note things down for every show/concert you go to this year.  Make it a habit.  It's getting harder and harder to keep things from becoming one big ball of mush.
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First post of 2012, GO!  Happy New Year everyone!  This meme is actually pretty fun. :)  Took some time though, finding the pictures I needed.

Your main fandom of the year?

There's never any competition.

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So I haven't closed my TakiCHANnel tab since Kanju was added to the つぶやき and now have over 300 screencaps of their stuff.  Seriously.  Need them all.  And there are certain ones that pop up on my twitter while I'm away from my computer that I want really badly, but never seem to come up when I'm home.  Like Senzaki's 'I-got-my-face-stuck-in-the-train-door' one.

BUT!  Finally got the Kunta one I've been WAITING for since gah, who even knows.

Okay... I'm done publicizing my loser-dom now.
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This was seriously the most WTF day in a long time.

 - Woke up to hear about this whole A.B.C-Z --> ABC-xyZ thing.  Ugh.  After giving me a headache, I've decided to let that one go and hope for the best.  Just praying that they won't break up 7WEST or MSM to do it. 

 - Went to shower and found a B-52 cockaroach on the ceiling of my shower.  After the ABC-xyZ thing, I took the easy way out by closing the shower door in hopes that it'll either a) die on its own   b) crawl out the window or down the drain  c) magically disappear  or d) die on its own.  I would really like to shower after I finish this post, but I am not above squashing the hell out of you at this point.  It may be in your best interest to run... NOW.

 - Taught 5 classes today... 3 of which were my first years, who I haven't properly complained to you guys about yet, but they're exhausting... and not really in a good way.  I AM lucky that they like me though.  They don't like Ms. Hasshi and make things unnecessarily difficult for her... it's just that this makes things dificult for me by extension.  *sigh*

 - Then, during the ONE free period I had today, bank called MY SCHOOL to ask me what PayPal was and where the money I'm currently trying to transfer into my bank account came from.  I'm still trying to decide if I'm relieved or embarrassed that the teachers eavesdropping on my phone call laughed when I said it's from selling and shipping concert goods.

 - And now there's that Kisumai live at Imperial Theatre.  The only thing saving me is the fact that I wouldn't be able to go even if I wanted to... but seriously, I'm with Nika on this one...  イミガワカラナーイ(*`A´*)/

The only thing that saved today was that the new magazines came out.  I enjoyed pic spamming my t-list with photos.

*sigh*  Okay roach.  I'm coming after you! 
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Look what I got in the mail tonight!  Not that I haven't read it a thousand times on my computer at work, but [ profile] mousapelli sent me hard copies.  And they're signed!  :D  Post man tried to deliver them this morning, but due to a combination of not being fully dressed and chatting online, I did not make it to the door in time.  I also admit that I didn't put much hussle into the effort because I often get people trying to get me to read their version of the bible knocking on my door in the mornings.  Anyway!  Called to arrange for them to re-deliver and yay!  MINE.

These are coming to school with me so that I don't have to pull out my laptop to read these things anymore. 

Seriously though?  Nearly choked when I saw the shipping cost.  D:   Should also mention that I had an 'Aw....' moment over the Ya-Ya-Yah stationary.  ♡


Aug. 18th, 2011 01:10 am
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Today was the first of Kisumai's Osaka shows and we had tachimi.  My first time having tachimi at Osaka Jo Hall and guess what?  Besides the MC, you can't see much.  On the bright side though, MATORI WAS THERE~!  Chibiko Kanju and parts of Jr.BOYS were there to back.  Definitely saw Matori, Ota and Ryoya and they were continuously goofing off with each other the entire time.

He looked good and they looked super happy to be there.  Because our tickets were such crap, there were a lot of things that we couldn't see (like Kisumai!), but just because of where Jr.BOYS were, I could see them for most of the time they were out. 

His hair is short again.  Light brown.  And Ota's hair is short too, which looked cute... but does anyone else remember that random patch of blonde that Akito had in last year's Shounentachi pamphlet?  We think Matori may have handed Ota the remains of his hair dye.  Not blonde like Akito... but noticeable.

OH.  And he was totally singing along to Endless Road~! ♡ 
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I'm sure you all know one of the reasons I'm heading down to Fukuoka tonight, but believe it or not, I'm also going so that I can see my friends who live down there.  If they weren't there, I'd be going for the Kisumai concert anyway, but even if Kisumai wasn't having a concert there, I'd still be going to Fukuoka this summer.  Two birds with one stone.  :D

I'll have my laptop with me, but I'm not sure if my friend has wireless at her place.  Today's your last chance to order goods from me.  I'm planning on buying a lot of it in Fukuoka, but if you REALLY wanna send me your list, send it within the next 24 hours and pay by Saturday and I'll buy your stuff in Osaka.

Anyway.  Off I go.  :D
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As you can imagine, there was a lot of screen capping to be had at midnight.  And yes.  This is why I stayed up tonight... because


And now it's official.  Our boys are DEBUTED!!!
⊂*`∀´⊃川 *ΦeΦ)((公 ☆)(*`へ′)ξ*‘ ー‘)(’・_,’☆)(*`∀´*)v
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That was seriously the worst thing they could have done.  You know, okay.  It annoyed me before that Mitsu, Taipi and Tama have red costumes while the other four have black, but at least on Uta no Hi, it still felt like the seven of them.  And then for Music Station you put them in the back with the Juniors?  In the same freaking color as the Juniors?!  Johnny, I really hate the way you do things sometimes.  Kisumai has SEVEN members and maybe you've forgotten, but the rest of us haven't.  Even the Kanju fans are saying that tonight's performance was worse than how you treat Kanju.

Okay.  I can't make this as long as I want because I need to leave soon for my bus.  I hope they've improved the concert more since Hokkaido.  *fingers crossed*  See you guys Monday when I get back from Hiroshima.
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Today was ridiculous.  One of my 3nensei boys punched another one (he got sent home and the other boy went to the hospital).  Not entirely sure what happened, but during lunch, three of my 1nensei boys got pulled out to 'talk'.  Their lunches were still sitting in the office when I left.  Oh.  And one of my 2nensei girls collapsed from heat exhaustion.  :/ 

Okay, RL craziness aside, the tour starts tomorrow!!!  I woke up this morning, super excited by this fact... and then realized that it was still 5:30am, but was too excited to go back to sleep. *fail*  haha...  I had a dream last week that I woke up 20 minutes before my flight and then on TOP of that, I wasn't in even in Osaka, but my pre-middle school house back in Hawaii (we rebuilt when I was in 8th grade).  Anyway, woke up FREAKING OUT.  I'm confident I'll be too excited to oversleep, but holy cow that dream sucked!

I'll arrive in Hokkaido at about 10am and while I'm going because of Kisumai, I'm super excited to be going to Hokkaido for the first time.  Gonna get fat off seafood, ramen and soft serve~♡ 

The To-Do List )
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Since today is Tanabata, I thought it'd be neat for you guys to write 願い事 (wishes)... But for fun, I thought also writing wishes from a fangirl point of view would be interesting.  :)  Here's what I wrote this year...[Poll #1759629]


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