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The weather's finally starting to look up!  ^___^   The hurricane/typhoon passed through Osaka early this morning.  Kept me up all night with the heavy rain and shrieking wind, but there doesn't seem to be any damage in my city or the town I work in.

The next set of Arashi goods will be shipped tomorrow.  Again, all your understanding and paitience is so greatly appreciated! 

I'm hoping to get all shipments out by next Wednesday or Thursday.  Sorry for the delay!

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    So, what I thought was just fall weather, turned into a hurricane/typhoon.  Needless to say, I won't be making it to the post office today or tomorrow.  Hopefully, if it stops raining by Friday, I'll send the next batch out then.  I figure, you'll all agree that waiting a little longer is better than your boxes getting soggy.  ... right?  If I'm wrong lemme know.  haha...
    Sorry for the delay, but I'm waiting for the typhoon to pass.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
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I have started to ship out the concert goods that were ordered from me for the ARASHI 5x10 Anniversary concerts. I thought I'd share, sorta, how I go about doing this.

I start with those who sent me their orders first. I think it's only fair. I only started to ship out orders, and there were a lot of them, so please don't freak out if you haven't heard from me yet. I'm working on it.

Another thing to note is that I tend to send out posters last. "Why?" you might ask. It's really just much easier for me to carry them to the post office together, and since the posters arrive the fastest because I have to send them via EMS, I figure at the end is more reasonable.

So yes, I bought all the goods. And they're being shipped out, a couple a day because I can only carry so much.

Your patience is all greatly appreciated! ^__^

And while you wait, feel free to click on my dragons.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Just reminding those of you who already sent in your pre-orders for the Arashi concert goods, your payments are due by this upcoming Wednesday.  Most of you have already done so, but there are some of you who still haven't.  Please note that if payment is not recieved in time, I WILL NOT BUY YOUR ITEMS.

I'm currently in Korea, but if you have any questions, shoot me an email at horangi004[at]gmail[dot]com   ^-^
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The seats aren't horrible... much better than my seats for the last PUZZLE concert. ^-^ I'm just happy to have gotten them at face value.

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I hit for the 9/26th concert... 4 tickets!  YATTA~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy crap I was so worried.  *dances*  Thank god.  the tickets are still going for crazy amounts online.

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People!  Go to bed or stay in bed or something!  Anything, just stop calling so that I can call and see if I got Arashi tickets!  11pm... 7am...  I still get the message that the line is busy and to please try calling again.

On a different note, should I not get tickets via the JFC, the cheapest online ticket at the moment is 47000 for unknown seats.  Geez people...
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.oO*Click here for UPDATED list and ORDERING INFORMATION*Oo.
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I decided to start a little early this time. Arashi will be coming to Osaka on September 25-27, performing in Kyocera Dome. I haven’t figured out which show I’m going to yet (tickets haven’t been announced yet), but I’m going, regardless if I get tickets from the JFC or not.

And since it’s such a big deal for Arashi to be celebrating their 10th anniversary, even though I’m sure others will be selling goods as well, I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who want the goods from this concert.



For goods list and ordering information... ).


·         PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o   September 23 (Wednesday)


o   September 29 – October 9





The official list has not been released yet, but they’ll have to do it soon for the Kokuritsu concerts, so I’ll update this list once that comes out.  It’s up to you on whether you want to wait for the official list before ordering or not, but just be warned that I can only accept up to 5 orders per item. 


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Title:  Another JE Christmas Story
Author:  Talisa Ahn
Genre:  Romantic Fluff
Pairings:  KitaSen (Kisumai), Pin, GoTsuka (ABC-Z), whatever Takaki x Daiki is, RyoDa, Ohmiya, Sakuraiba…
Disclaimer:  It’s Christmas.  Gimme a break.  And don’t sue.  I don’t own any of them. -_-


“But I won’t poison your backup dancers or send angry Kansai people after you, or—“ )


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