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- Bite number 2, this time on the bottom of my other foot.  Mosquitos, grow a central nervous system so that you feel pain when I smash you to bits.  Kay thanks.

- Originally didn't get tickets for the last concert on the PUZZLE tour because my boyfriend's coming that week.  Turns out, I'm gonna go anyway, and just bring him with me.  ^_______^

- Goddamn it.  Haven't you guys drained enough of my money already this summer?  Guess not.
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Dear Old Man that may or may not have already lost his mind,

In the last couple of years, I have held on to the belief that there is a reason to everything that you do.  I hated HSJ when they first debuted.  I'm still not a fan and I'm still sad when I think about Shoon and Taiyou, but I can see how much some of my students like them and I can forgive.  Well... a little.

So tell me...  Why you continue to hold onto Kisumai as Juniors?  Please.  I accepted a long time ago that ABC will never debut.  They're valuable as backup dancers and not vocally strong enough to be able to formally debut, but Kisumai is very talented all around and loved by so many.  Is it because they draw hoards of people to anything you stick them to?  Do you think that no one will watch Shokura without them?  Or are you just pushing them to do theatre work in hopes that we won't notice that you're not debuting them?  What is it?  If you choose not to debut them this year, you'll lose some of them.  Is that what you intend? 'cause that would break my heart.

Yuma's talented.  Looks a little odd (really big eyes), but talented.  I understand (although I do think you should wait a little bit longer.  He's got time).  But B.I.Shadow?  I don't understand at all.  Of all the juniors you could have picked, B.I.Shadow?  Why?  At least choose some of the Kansai Jrs.  They're loaded with talent.  I'd've sooner taken Yuma by himself.

Maybe you don't intend to actually debut Yuma and B.I.Shadow and this really is all just for Yuma's drama, but please take care of those boys, some of which have been in your care for over 10 years.  They're putting so much faith in you.


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Been watching old episodes of Shokura to look for the parts about the making of Butoukan... Tackey sends Bun-chan, Ryouta, and Senga videos to let them know and says, "You've been chosen! Clap your hands~!"

Bun-chan: .... O.o
Ryouta: hahaha..... (so cute!)
Senga: *happily claps hands*

They're all special, but Senga's the only one special one who listens to directions.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!  <-- cause my last ones died and I really want that white one.

On a different note.  Still at home.  I get to go back to work on Monday (yay!)
- Finish unpacking
- Start taking apart October's magazines (yeah... I'm really behind)
- Drop off omiyage
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My list of memorable fics.

I was thinking the other day that I read my first fanfic when I was in the 8th grade… 9, nearly 10, years ago. The guy who eventually became my first boyfriend handed me a crossover between Sesame Street and Sailor Moon. I don’t remember it quite well, but I’m pretty sure the Sesame Street characters were evil.

Anyway. I thought that it would be beneficial (mostly for me) to make a list of fanfics that I’ve read that have really stuck with me over the years. ^-^

Enjoy~ … Well… enjoy what you can cause I don’t know where some of them are anymore. Sites disappeared… which makes me cry a lot more than you know.

And on to the list! )
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Has anyone else seen the Butoukan COMBAT Roach Trap commercial?  WHY ARE THEY ROACHES?!  I'd like to be much happier that they're in a CM, but they're the roaches!  *cries*  They're the singing, dancing roaches.  (TT-TT)

Someone has got to write me a fic of the other members of EbiKisu and the Kansai Jrs. making fun of them!
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As most of you know, ever since the cast of the Gokusen SP episode was announced, I haven't really given Tama all that much confidence.   As I told Rachel, the thought of him in this role made me giggle.  He's really pretty and have you heard the way he talks on Shounen Club?  Not exactly what you'd expect from one of the bad kids out of the Gokusen series.

I must say...  I was rather impressed.  Tama did a good job.  He didn't suck and sound like a little boy trying to act all big and tough. 

Now that aside...  he was damned hot.  haha...  It's like the Tama you see when he dances but in talking form.

.... and I never noticed that one of the 3-D guys was Kiba from Mei-chan.  haha...  Everytime he was on the screen I was like, "Ooo!  Kiba-chan!"  Dude was born in Brazil.  Crazy!
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  • Lewis Jesse is gonna be hot someday
  • Lots of Yamamoto!  Yay, but where's my dorky smile?!
  • Butoukan photos are pretty...  X3
  • "Mis Snow Man"?!  GROSS!  Really?!  *cries inside*  Sanada...  Nozawa...  I feel so bad for you...
  • Much love for the mixed groupings.  ^-^
  • Why are BOYS and Veterans not labeled as such?
  • LOL over the large Yara photo at the end.  haha...
Overall nice.  I really REALLY like the mixed groups photos.  haha...
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I downloaded the Music Station talk and performance for KAT-TUN's rescue.... and was wondering...  if the song is for NAKAMARU's drama, why did I have to listen to KOKI talk about fishing for mythical creatures?  O.o?

HOMG!  ABC is back dancing.  Members of KAT-TUN?  MOVE!  Gocchi's short.  I can't see him over your fluffy hair!!!  T-T

*Screams*  and now Kisumai is backdancing!  ....wait.  why are Miyata and Wataru in the center?  where's Mitsu?  Ok.  now I'm really confused.  No Mitsu, all of ABC-Z....  huh?

I like the song though.  As always, Nakamaru's beatboxing is freaking awesome.  And yes, yes Laruku....  I was yet again tricked by the pretty.  Last time it was the pretty set, then by having Yamamoto (honey-sempai) dancing in the front, and now by having EBIKISU as backup dancers....  >.>


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