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Just wanted to say that I have the goods for everyone who ordered and am in the process of shipping them.  I'm hoping to get them all out by the end of this week, but I'm still trying to find a box for 2 of the orders ('cause you guys got a lot of stuff).  If you haven't heard from me yet, it's cause I haven't gotten to your order yet.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!
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I will be buying goods on the second day of Osaka concerts.  I really don't think it'll be an issue, but there is always the chance that an item will sell out before I get there.  In the event that this happens, money for those items WILL be refunded.

ALSO NOTE.  Part of the SHIPPING POLICY has been changed.  I've been having issues with people being responsible (shiawase_joy_garcia20... I'm STILL waiting for you to pay me back) and so things needed to be changed.  Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  


Goods List and Ordering Information )



· PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o April 29 (Thursday) - Not much time, I know.  Sorry!


o  May 19-31

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Here are several of the songs they performed at the 090722 14:00 concert here in Osaka.  I'm cutting it from one really long file, so it'll take me some time.  But for now, here are Bokura no Uta, Hanamuke, and KISS~Kaerimichi no Love Song (with mass singing).


Click here for the links )
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Here's Shige's jweb entry from yesterday.  He talks about how it came to be that he and Koyama showed up at the evening Tegomass concert on Wednesday.

I'll maybe try to translate this tomorrow (at some point between cleaning and tutoring).  So seriously... what is wrong with my luck when it comes to special guests?  For the EbiKisu concerts, I went to 3 out of 5 of the Yokohama Arena ones and the 2 I didn't go to had all the guests.  Both NEWS concerts I was at had no guests.  Although I did get Yasu and Higashiyama before... but still!  It was KoyaShige... at a Tegomass concert... and it was in Osaka. (._.  )

It's still all in Japanese )
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(._. ;) Like I said... it's long...

Part 2 )
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I went to yesterday's 2:00pm concert, which was the first of the tour.  I'm very proud to have finished this the day after the concert.  Really.  I'll get the Kanjani8 one out someday, hopefully before the end of the weekend cause I don't want to get the Kumamoto one mixed with the Osaka one.

Warning you now.  It's long.  Longer than my KAT-TUN one was I think.

Seriously... only Tegomass would have been able to get away with this stuff. )
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The Tegomass concert was so good!  \(^~^ \)
I'm so happy I went. 
Working on an actual concert report at the moment (and I will finish it!  And the Gackt, Kanju, and Kanjani8 ones too!)

Good job guys... it was awesome. <3
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Yesterday one of the other teachers came up to me saying that she'd heard that Tegomass no Uta was number 1 on the charts.  ^-^  I'm going to their concert today!  Really looking forward to it.

Tegomass...  for your number 1 album and the beginning of your first concert tour together, omedetou~!

Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!.
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God. Ok, so the website finally decided to post the goods for the Tegomasu concert. About time!

If you would like to order, PLEASE read the ordering info at the bottom. There’s no reason for you to ask me for my email address or if I ship internationally because it’s all there. Onegaiishimasu. m(__)m


.oO* List and Prices of Goods *Oo. )




·         PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o        TEGOMASU - July 20 (Monday)

o        PLAYZONE 09 – July 30 (Thursday)


o        August 5-15



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