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2013/6/19 (Wed)


How's everyone doing?

Kitayama here!

I'm doing well.

The recent Kitayama.

Has been troubled.

The reason

Do I chop off my hair for summer

or do I grow it out?

Trying to decide which I should go with!!

It was on the shorter side last year for Beginners.

I want to cut it shorter!

To length it was at around the time I joined Johnny's!!

What should I do~

If you suddenly see me on TV with really short hair, I'm sorry.

It's troubling me.

I think I'll ask one of the managers. lol

Do girl's prefer short or long?

What does everyone think?

I don't know so I'm going to ask Ohkura. (σ*'3`)σ


2013/6/24 (Mon)

Yossu!  How's everyone?!
Kitayama here!

Yesterday, I went out to eat with an old friend.
We spent a long time together, caught up reminiscing about old times.
How we used to confirm choreography over the phone, or how the costumes we couldn't fit into were the same, and we talked about our first concerts.
I suddenly got psyched up.

And with these feelings, I get to do this tour.  It makes me happy!

Next is Sendai!

We finally get to go.


I've been wanting to go.

I kept saying it.

I'm going to let all my emotions out.

Let's enjoy this amazing time together!

Next, Kasuka na Kanojo.  It's all finished~

Kunicchi is lonely.

Were you all able to enjoy yourselves?

I'm very happy that  I was able to take part in this project.
Let's do a special~ lol
I'm always thinking this. lol

August 14
Our new song Kimi to no Kiseki will be released!
I love this song!
Recently I've been listening to this song in the morning when I wake up.  It just flows right in so it's overall easy to listen to.  I definitely want you all to hear it.  You'll like it too!

I'm looking forward to singing it in concert!

Alright, I wonder if I'll be able to catch Ohkura today~


2013/7/1 (Mon)


I'm Kitayama!

Is everyone good?

We just finished our Sendai concert,
then ate gyutan (cow tongue)

and now I'm back at the hotel writing this

As always, this room is

It hasn't changed since we were Jrs. lol

Until what age are we going to keep going with this room arrangement? lol

Well… but if we were told that we'd each get our own room,
We'd probably think, 'Ee!?
That's so lonely'

so I think we should stay like this forever. lol

And it'd be our usual state. lol

Nevertheless, today's concert felt more emotional.

When I saw uchiwa that said

"Thank you for coming to Tohoku."

I started to tear up.

There were issues with scheduling,

but I wanted to come sooner.



we'll definitely come again.

And I want to go around deeper.

It'd be okay if they're small.

This is how I felt.

I think the other members feel the same.

And with these feelings close to hear, I will do my best tomorrow too!!

Let's to it!!
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