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Title: A Tit for Tat
Fandom: Yara, YamaRyo, Kisumai
Rating: PG
Summary: The Tokyo Dollhouse has a new customer.
Notes: I originally started writing this for [livejournal.com profile] yararanger 's birthday back in April… and, well, 7 months later, here you go. (ノ.<)
Based off of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. This fic happens after this one.

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Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 8.36.54 AM

I still want to know what was on Fukka's shirt that it needed censoring.


Sep. 5th, 2012 12:08 am
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Alas, my summer officially comes to an end.  Technically opening ceremony was yesterday, but tomorrow's my first day back in the classroom.  A return to a routine schedule might be a welcome change with the start of school again.  I'm better at time management when I have less time on my hands.  I'm big on to-do lists and goals, so I replanted my tree over at mindbloom.com this afternoon.  I got lazy over the summer and my tree was all dried up. 

Ah well.  It was a good summer filled with work and concerts.  Ayaka, Matchy/Takki fireworks, Shounentachi twice, Summary twice, Takki twice, Nika/Yokoo butai... NEWS.  I enjoyed all of them, but seeing Ayaka and NEWS in particular left large impressions.  I'm so glad that I went.  *breathes*  Yes.  Lots of feelings there that I hadn't realized were in me.

Everyone here is on different schedules but I hope you all did something you enjoyed this summer. :) 

*cracks up*

Sep. 2nd, 2012 06:44 pm
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I had forgotten about this shirt. XD
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Here are the scans of the alternate covers from the Kisumai Shop version of the WANNA BEEEE!/Shake It Up single.

KitayamaKitayama 1  SengaSenga 1  MiyataMiyata 1  YokooYokoo 1  FujigayaFujigaya 1  TamamoriTamamori 1  NikaidoNikaido 1 

DL Link: MF
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Screen shot 2012-08-12 at 9.00.57 PM

Goods list and ordering info. :) )

· PAYMENT – According to Japan Time
August 18
· Shipping
Will probably be able to ship things out by the end of August.


Jul. 24th, 2012 09:42 pm
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I had to make a post today on the Kanju comm about the new Shounentachi poster and ugh, I feel really bad about it.  Yeah, it always sucks when we have to make posts about people leaving but Gaki and Take leaving was really unexpected and I feel like I just punched their fans in the face.  We've lost a lot of Kanju members over the last few years, but 7WEST seemed so solid and it's not like they're at an age where they're feeling pressure to find "real" jobs... And even to quit because of school related things, the timing is odd.  This was unexpected.

*sigh* Maybe it's affecting me more than I want to admit.  After Daichi and then Maashii, when some of the older Kanju started leaving, especially the ones who were either in Jr.BOYS or unitless, I was sad but understood that this was something they needed to do.  And most of them left after a series of shows.  For Gaki and Take to go 2 weeks before Shounentachi starts and while their movie is still in theaters...  *takes deep breath*  The more I think about it, the sadder I feel.  I was JUST listening to 7WEST on Mogitate.

Okay.  I'm gonna go back to watching 火曜曲 for Kisumai.
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I didn't write up a report, but I did take notes.  And even more ghetto, this isn't even going to be a post of notes that I've typed up.  Here are scans of my notebook.  I apologize for any mistakes.

Matori, Ota, and Senzaki went to watch this show.  I'll admit here that I might have watched Kanju (read as Matori) more than Kisumai at this show, but really, I'm a Kisumai fan.  I just liked seeing how Kanju reacted to Kisumai, so that's a lot of what these notes are about.  And lots of Matori fanboying Kusumoto who was backdancing for Kisumai. :x 

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New Kis-My-MiNT live shop photos. All of the group/mixed and Kitayama's, select photos of the other members (sans Miyata >.< My bad).

Also, select photos from the SMY2 Crea concerts (released yesterday). They're from the show Fujigaya went to see, which is nice since it looked like all the papa pics were from when Kitayama and Tamamori went.

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May. 31st, 2012 11:15 pm
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Mine are really bad and I can't find things but the thought of trying to redo them and then re-tag old posts is terrifying.
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 - At least two loads of laundry (Did 3.  Yay.)
 - Scrub the toilet
 - Scrub the shower
 - Put magazines away
 - Put away clothes

 - Toss old clothes
 - Listening text for 2年生
 - Put photos into albums

WANT to do...
 - Write belated birthday fic
 - Scan things

Other than that, found out that the new JET coming into my building is a girl from America.  We'll see how that goes.
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There was coverage on the Tokyo Dome concert as well as a few pages of Tama too, but I'm just doing the Crea pages.
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Here are all the mixed photos and all of Kitayama's solo shots that were released on Monday. I only bought two of each of the other members' photos.   [livejournal.com profile] snowqueenofhoth has all of the group and Nika related photos scanned here.

300dpi )
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Sakuma dancing to Kareha no Kage during Takki's solo con 2010
Iwamoto during taiko/drum scene in Kabuki 2012
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Title: The Tokyo Dollhouse
Pairings/Characters: NiSen and a hint MiyaTama, but all members appear
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A little dark.
Summary: Programmable people. These dolls (or ‘actives’) can be whatever the client needs or desires during their ‘engagements’ and when they come back to the Dollhouse, they’re returned to their blank, doll-like state... but Yuta isn’t like the other dolls. He sees that something is not right. Kento comes back from some of his engagements sad, so Yuta takes the problem to the Dollhouse’s programmer, Miyata, trusting that he’ll be able to fix it.
Notes: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] myxstorie for the Kis-My-Ft2 [info]FIC2 Exchange. Original post and comments over here. Also, thank you to my two betas, [livejournal.com profile] kira_shadow and [livejournal.com profile] bangbang55.  Based off of Joss Whedon’s TV series “Dollhouse”. 

Also, [livejournal.com profile] beltenebra wrote me fic for the exchange and you should all go read about Kisumai's Host Club. ♡

Everybody deserves the right to choose. )


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