Mar. 8th, 2016

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Title: Welcome to Pixie Hollow
Pairing/Characters: Kitayama/Totsuka
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: I’m probably not as sorry as I should be but I turned them into fairies… or well, “sparrow men” as male fairies are called in the Tinker Bell verse. :x
Word Count: 2381 words
Notes: Written for the wonderful defiancebyfire. This is based off of Disney’s Tinker Bell movies (trailer for the first movie here). There are books too but let’s not get into that. (=_=;) I know it’s a little different from the usual AU themes, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Also, a big thank you to [ profile] snowqueenofhoth for not just being my beta but for also introducing me to these movies.
Summary: If you head toward the second star on your right and fly straight until morning, you’ll come to Never Land. Follow the sound of tinkling bells and there you’ll find Pixie Hollow, the home of hundreds of fairies and sparrow men. Some grow flowers and others can bend light, but there are as many talents as there are things to do in Pixie Hollow. Totsuka is a scrib-talent and this is what happens when he meets a certain food-loving storm-talent.
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Title: Finding Balance
Pairing: Tamamori/Miyata (Kis-My-Ft2)
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: For Kisumai’s next album, instead of solo songs, the members have been broken into pairs to release unit songs. This is Miyata and Tamamori’s story.
Notes: Written for aleena_mokoia during the [ profile] je_united exchange last year. I know this is slightly under your requested rating but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Also thank you to [ profile] snowqueenofhoth for not killing me and the wonderful mods. I’m so sorry you all had to put up with my poor time management. I really appreciate everything! >.<
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