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 - At least two loads of laundry (Did 3.  Yay.)
 - Scrub the toilet
 - Scrub the shower
 - Put magazines away
 - Put away clothes

 - Toss old clothes
 - Listening text for 2年生
 - Put photos into albums

WANT to do...
 - Write belated birthday fic
 - Scan things

Other than that, found out that the new JET coming into my building is a girl from America.  We'll see how that goes.
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It's the weekend~!   。.:*・゜ヽ(゚▽゚)  Went to bed really early last night so I'm up earlier than normal on a Saturday morning.  Was actually able to take out the trash, go buy Mitsu's Saturday Johnny's (Gah! o(≧▽≦)o So cute!), and have started to organize the TV magazines that were already gutted.  Yay productivity!

 - Give Kisumai exchange fic another read through :D I think I can turn it in tonight.
 - Gut TV magazines (but I noticed that I'm missing last week's TV Guide. >.<)
 - Pack Ebi goods
 - Pack trading cards
 - Build new shelf
 - Organize magazines on new shelf

 - Figure out what to do with Kanju and Kisumai papa pics
 - Clip newspaper articles
 - Make notes on doujin collection
 - Write up notes on KAT-TUN concert
 - Write up notes on ABC-Z concert

Also listening to a playlist of the music I used to listen to in middle school and high school.  Hello 'N Sync, BSB, Click B, ShinHwa, SES, HOT, Da Pump, GLAY, and S#arp!  Nothing like listening to some old school to put me in a good mood. ^-^b
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One of my cousin's will be staying with me for a week starting tomorrow night and I've been so distracted with helping a friend correct her students' speeches that I haven't even begun to start cleaning.  SO.  TO-DO list, let's go!

- Clothes.  And if you haven't worn it in the last two years, we're getting rid of it!
- Empty boxes.  Toss.  All of them.
- Bags.  You could probably toss a lot of them.
- Dishes.
- Toilet.
- Shower.

- Sink.
- Paper/Clothes recycling
- Bottles recycling.

I don't know how people keep their places neat and clean on a daily basis.  It's pretty much impossible for me!

ETA: I've been at this for a few hours and things don't look any different. *dies*

Ah well...

Feb. 9th, 2011 04:41 pm
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It's the middle of the week, but I leave for Tokyo tomorrow night, so here's my to-do list for today.

NEED to do:
 - Put laundry away.
 - Make sure I have bus and plane info to print at work tomorrow.
 - Write out ballot stuff for TakiTsuba and Kanju cons... Kobe one is due Friday.
 - Put bottles out for collection.
 - PACK! As much as I can do tonight, anyway...
 - Base coat on nails. 
 - Dishes
WANT to do (and probably will do):
 - Make icons from all my Fushigi Yuugi screencaps.  I also searched for additional images... 懐かしい〜!

And on a slightly related note, all I did last night was watch Fushigi Yuugi.  The site I've been downloading them from only lets me dl 3 a day and I've been good, REALLY GOOD, about it... but I got to episode 45 last night and decided that I really wanted to watch the rest, so I streamed it.  I love this anime so freaking much.  I must go search for the OVA's as well (FOUND~!), because that bus trip one is totally WIN.

I'm also sick.  Left school early on Monday so I could go to the doctor.  Rachel's warned me that I am not at all allowed to bring sickness with me.  I'm down to a stuffy nose and coughing.  Should be better by Friday, right?

To-Do List

Jan. 30th, 2011 11:47 am
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I'm finding that I actually do more when I post my to-do list... so here we go.

What I NEED to do today:
- Prepare for tutoring
- Bind up paper for recycling
- Pull out clothes to throw out

- DISHES~~~~~!

What I SHOULD do today:
- Put away magazines
- A load of laundry
- Look at my budget

What I COULD do today:
- Start taking pictures of things I need to sell
- New code for the [livejournal.com profile] kansai_juniors  community profile page

What I WANT to do today:
- Watch more Fushigi Yuugi


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