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I went to Tackey & Tsubasa's first Kobe show last night.  It was my first time seeing them together and I gotta admit that I'm glad I'll be seeing it twice.  I've seen some of their solo activities, and they're cool and all, but there's something about them being together that's impressive.  I also realized that while I enjoy Takki's solo activities more, when they're together, I'd much rather watch Tsubasa. 

Right.  So anyway.  I'm going to go see them in Yokohama this Saturday, but I applied for Kobe anyway because I was really hoping to see Matori.  haha...  And while my Yokohama tickets SUCK, I had arena seats, 8th row from the front stage and 2 rows away from center stage.  I always forget that when you go to TakiTsuba things, the average age rises to mid-thirties.  There were some middle aged women in front and behind me.  The girl to my right didn't really seem all that thrilled to be there, but the two on my right were really nice.  Before the concert started, I had my uchiwa, binoculars and penlight on my lap and I could hear them talking about the penlight, so I told them that it's just the general one from the shop.  They asked if it's a new penlight and then laughed when I told them that I bought it 2 years ago, 'cause one of them still had the star-shaped one.  The one next to me pointed at my uchiwa and asked who they were for.  I was surprised that when I said, "Matori," she didn't need a further explanation.  Yay.  I told her that I don't know if he'd be there, but she said that it's amazing that I came anyway and got such great tickets.

Anyway.  I have to go but I'll be back with notes later.  For now... have some Juniors.

Kansai Juniors that were there
 - Jr.BOYS (including: Matori, Ota, Mukai, Yoshida, Fuuga)
 - Gang Star (saw all of them)
 - Masaya

Who wasn't there and confused the crap out of me?
 - MSM's NabeSho and Miyadate

During the Junior corner, MSM performed Genkai Meter and FiVE performed Bang Bang Bang.  Also, special guest was Yokoyama Yu, but they mentioned that Muro was there and they said one more person but I couldn't hear.  I assume it was Kikuoka since Yoko was hanging out with him yesterday (according to his jweb anyway.)
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I don't know how this has happened, but I feel weird not posting for 5 days.  It's only been 5 days!  That's less than a week!  Why does it feel like such a long time?!  Don't understand it, but I actually feel like I've been neglecting my journal.  O.o

Let's see... what have I done in those 5 days...

Takki, Nakano, the bus, PLAYZONE, Ms. Hasshi strikes again, and an even trade... )

Taking tomorrow off so that I can have lunch and hang out with one of my friends before she leaves to go back to med school in Kanazawa.  Probably won't be able to see her again until next March.  Let's see... other than that, I will at some point post my updated sales list, do laundry, and clean my apartment... again.  I really wish sometimes that I was the type of person that scanned things to share online...  I'm aware that I have a lot of things that people haven't posted before, but then I think about how long it takes to not only scan and crop, but to also upload and encode.  Sorry.  Maybe someday.
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Hey everyone. I have an extra ticket for this Saturday's Takki concert. If you're in Tokyo this weekend and have nothing planned for Saturday, you should go to this concert. ^_^

Tackey Summer Concert 2010
Youも来ちゃいなよ タッキーリゾート

横浜アリーナ  |  Yokohama Arena
Saturday, August 14th, 18:00
1 ticket, 7500yen (face value)

I can meet up before the concert to give you the ticket.  If you're interested, please shoot me an email at horangi004[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Have some clips from Takki's 100731 concert at Osaka Jo Hall. 
These are just a few of my favorite moments from that concert. 

Yankee version of Ai Kakumei  MF
    - The guest Kanju were with them on stage.
Bun's Blonde Hair  MF
Kanju's non-advertisement for their summer butai  MF
     - Takki told them that actual advertisements weren't allowed on his stage.  This is how they got around that.
For this one, MSM weren't on stage... but you can hear them.  MF
     - They forgot the mics were on.
Miyadate announcing, "He's taking off his pants!"  MF
The Snowmen lying to Takki... and then a little extra cuteness  MF
Sanada FAIL  MF
     - Nearly 4 minutes of Sanada trying to get a male in the audience to come on stage.

And lastly, someone tell me what song this is!  MF

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

30 Days J-pop Meme
Day 8: A j-pop song you know all the words to

A lot?  Have a few.  GREEEEN's キセキ... Kisumai's Goodbye, Thank you... Ayaka's 手をつなごう... Matchy's ざんばら (but who are we kidding.  I know that one cause Kitayama sang it at the concerts)... and, of course, Arashi's A.Ra.Shi.
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Went to see Takki's summer concert tonight... and I think I may have only watched Takki for about 15 minutes total the entire concert.  'Why?' you ask?  Not because MSM were back dancing (although that's part of it), but because Jr.Boys were back dancing, too, and then Junta, Daichi, and all of Veteran showed up. 

My attention goes as follows...  Jr.Boys, Guest Kanju, MSM, chibi Kanju, and then Takki.  If Jr. Boys were on stage, I was watching Matori and maybe Ota or Mukai.  If they weren't, I was trying to figure out the Snowmen.  I can finally recognize Iwamoto, Abe, and then by process of elimination, Fukka.  *celebrates*  I've been trying for 8 months now and I can finally do it.  Then, if it was just Takki and the female dancers, I was staring into the dark to watch Junta, Daichi, and Veteran watching Takki.  It was sad.  Just based on their clothes, in the dark I could tell who had come before they announced any of them.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] jin_rabu  for letting me come!  I wasn't going to go, but then Rachel sent me Patri's post about having extra tickets... and then the chance to see Kanju backing...  gah.  I'm weak and well aware of it.

GUESTS:  Junta, Daichi, Kikuoka, Bunichi, Kunta, Ito, Muro, Ryuta
KANJU THAT PERFORMED:  Jr. Boys (saw Matori, Ota, Mukai), Little Gangs, other chibiko Kanju (saw Kanauchi)
BAND: Question? minus Goto. 

Will write more tomorrow, including about how the guest Kanju took over practically the entire MC (not complaining AT ALL).


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