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Adopt one today!Adopt one today!  <--Ok. Pretty please click on this one? It's really ugly as a hatchling. >.<  Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of it as an adult either.  haha...      

I've been distracted.  Went to see Kanju's butai for the first time last night.  I'm gonna be honest... I don't know how EbiKisu will do.  The play itself sucks.  You can really tell that that thing is OLD.  The music?  Not my thing.  What makes the Kanju one entertaining are the improvised sections and the little things here and there.  They added this part for the three Muro's and it's pretty funny and I suppose it actually has a role in the storyline, but I don't know how it'll be changed for EbiKisu.  I dunno...  Maybe if we knew how much of what Kanju did is actually supposed to be in there and how much Kanju made theirs.  Bethany and I were trying to figure out who will take over which roles and we just couldn't figure it out.  MAYBE Taipi will do Akito's?  And now that I think about it, maybe Kitayama will do Shige's, but it's all really hard to imagine. 

Kikuoka was DAMNED CUTE.  It's nice to have the chance to be reminded once in a while why I liked him so much.

Matori has one, count it, ONE line in the butai.  haha...  Jr. Boys were busy rehearsing for Takki and now I know why Reiya wasn't in Takki... he's actually one of the main characters.  Let's see...  The guards were basically Veteran and for a little bit I saw Ota in the uniform too and laughed cause that was his role last year too.  The prisoners were 7WEST, BAD, BOYS, Reiya, and Senzaki.  Koji comes in later as Hama-chan's kouhai that Hama-chan kinda screws over.  haha...

During Showtime though, Jr. Boys were in practically everything.  Matori's said that Go (Veteran's new song) is his favorite and honestly, I might have been able to tell without him saying it.  He always looks like he's having the time of his life when he's out there dancing, but there was just something more when he was doing this song.  Oh.  And Go has hand motions now.  A little fast, but manageable.  Veteran's outfits had colors and they were different from the ones used in Yokocho's solo con.  Kunta's purple (sorry Rachel), Bun is magenta, Kiku is light pink, Ito is blue, Ryuta is green, and Muro is yellow.

I'll take more notes later, but for now, dragons?  Please?  Thanks!
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Adopt one today! As of this moment, it has 4 hours to live.  Thanks guys.

This is really old, but I showed it to my second years since they were learning how to talk about the weather.  It's fast and in an accent, but they really just needed to pick out words like "Cloudy" and "Windy"...  and they were heavily amused at the fact that I was DYING on the ground. 

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I spent a chunk of today sitting at a family restaurant in Izumiotsu, working on the story I started for NaNoWrimo last year.  Re-working the whole thing, by the way.  I'm hoping it'll turn out better, but I have to admit that I'm saying goodbye to most of the Fumito/Taipi parts for now... (I'll someday figure out how to work them back in cause it was rather painful cutting those bits out...)  

I've said this a lot today, but I love Sundays. It's really the only day that I can just think about nothing outside of whatever I'm writing.  Or drawing.  Have I mentioned that I started drawing again recently?  Once I really do that cleaning, I'll buy a scanner so I can post some of my drawings.  ^-^

Anyway.  Just thought I'd share.  It's been a good, relaxing day.

Adopt one today!  And if you could do me a favor and click on the dragon egg, that'd be great.  I don't want it to die, you know, again.  (. .  ;)
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Adopt one today!
It made it to an adult dragon!!! I don't really know how, but I came back to my computer tonight, expecting to see the RIP stone, but was welcomed by the autumn dragon~!

Any suggestions for names? It's actually a male this time. I've been having a run of female dragons as of late.
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I have started to ship out the concert goods that were ordered from me for the ARASHI 5x10 Anniversary concerts. I thought I'd share, sorta, how I go about doing this.

I start with those who sent me their orders first. I think it's only fair. I only started to ship out orders, and there were a lot of them, so please don't freak out if you haven't heard from me yet. I'm working on it.

Another thing to note is that I tend to send out posters last. "Why?" you might ask. It's really just much easier for me to carry them to the post office together, and since the posters arrive the fastest because I have to send them via EMS, I figure at the end is more reasonable.

So yes, I bought all the goods. And they're being shipped out, a couple a day because I can only carry so much.

Your patience is all greatly appreciated! ^__^

And while you wait, feel free to click on my dragons.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Sorry...  I've really wanted this white one for a couple months now....

Adopt one today!Uebo-hime's so pretty.... and actually a male.  haha...

...now... if only these other 2 would get with the program....
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Yay~!  I get to go back to school today!  Haven't been to work in 2 and a half weeks.  A little too long since I wasn't expecting it.  (-_- ;)

Adopt one today!  <-- His name is Kazupon!  Is there any way to get Kazupon's Shounen Club Premium?  mitai~~~  (T-T)

Adopt one today!  <--  This little guy still needs a name.  suggestions anyone?

Adopt one today!   <-- Uebo-hime.  My last white one, Uebo, died while I was at home.
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I'm going home~!!!! This is the longest I've ever been away from Hawaii so I'm absolutely thrilled to be home for a bit. THANK YOU JAPANESE PEOPLE FOR CREATING GOLDEN WEEK!

So yeah. Since I'll be home, my japanese cell phone will not be active, so for those of you who usually contact me through texts... leave your message here or email me at horangi004[at]gmail[dot]com. ^-^

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Cause I don't want them to die while I'm home... >.>
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I don't know if everyone's heard, but Kusanagi Tsuyoshi of the Johnny's group SMAP got arrested early yesterday morning. I saw it on the news yesterday morning and then several people throughout the day asked me if I had heard. Dude was plastered drunk in a public park at 3am and decided that it would be a good idea to strip naked and start dancing around. I actually feel sorry for him a bit. He doesn't remember doing any of it and when you're that drunk, you don't really think about logic do you?

Needless to say, SMAP's activities at the moment are at a halt.

Funny thing is, that all the people I talk to aren't saying things like, "He shouldn't have gotten so drunk." Most of them are saying things like, "You can't get naked in the park!" or "You can't take off the bottom half!" haha....

For those of you who don't know, SMAP is a HUGE deal in Japan. They're like gods. I can only imagine the kind of consequences that are going to come from this. Poor guy. He just wanted to get drunk.

Different subject.... my egg is dying... again. My pretty white dragon egg is close to dying. Help me. Please. m(__)m

Adopt one today!


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