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I don't know how this has happened, but I feel weird not posting for 5 days.  It's only been 5 days!  That's less than a week!  Why does it feel like such a long time?!  Don't understand it, but I actually feel like I've been neglecting my journal.  O.o

Let's see... what have I done in those 5 days...

Takki, Nakano, the bus, PLAYZONE, Ms. Hasshi strikes again, and an even trade... )

Taking tomorrow off so that I can have lunch and hang out with one of my friends before she leaves to go back to med school in Kanazawa.  Probably won't be able to see her again until next March.  Let's see... other than that, I will at some point post my updated sales list, do laundry, and clean my apartment... again.  I really wish sometimes that I was the type of person that scanned things to share online...  I'm aware that I have a lot of things that people haven't posted before, but then I think about how long it takes to not only scan and crop, but to also upload and encode.  Sorry.  Maybe someday.
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Since I'm heading over there anyway to buy photosets for myself, snowqueenofhoth, and sourangel, does anyone else want anything Playzone related?

*Photosets are $12USD each

Original (studio) Photosets (9 kinds)
-Kitayama, Fujigaya, Tamamori, Miyata, Nikaido, Senga, Yokoo, Uchi, Yara

Stage Photosets
-Kitayama (4 kinds)
-Fujigaya (4 kinds)
-Tamamori (4 kinds)
-Miyata (4 kinds)
-Nikaido (4 kinds)
-Senga (4 kinds)
-Yokoo (4 kinds)
-Uchi (4 kinds)
-Yara (4 kinds)
-Individual members of Question? (1 kind for each member)
-Individual members of TheyBUDOU (1 kind for each member)
-Individual members of MAD (1 kind for each member)

You'd have to email me today (8/21) though since I'm probably gonna try to make it there over the weekend.
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Home from Tokyo.  God... there's so much I need to write about, both fic-wise and report/notes-wise.  I'll hopefully get to it a little tomorrow before I go to the Kanju butai for the first time tomorrow afternoon.

Things to write about:
     - 090802
     - 090803
- Kanjani8 PUZZLE 
     - 090606 (Kumamoto)
     - 090730 (Osaka, final tour concert)
- Kanju UME Con
- Gackt

And I actually wrote a fic on the plane this afternoon... lets see how long it's gonna take me to type it up.

Other things to do:
- Finish cutting Tegomass audio
- Shige's Jweb translation
- Start cutting PLAYZONE audio (god, I can't wait for the soundtrack release!!!)
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Went to the last Kanjani8 concert last night.  They announced that there will be a DVD and that last night was the filming for it, which was an awesome 3 and a half hours long.  Well... awesome for me, not too great for my starving-I-wanna-go-home boyfriend.  haha...

During the encore, they also announced a new single.  Subaru taught the audience how to sing part of it and then they actually recorded us to use on the actual single!  It's a cute song, not so Kanjani8-ish, but it's nice.

Well, I'm off to Tokyo.  I know, I know.... "Again?!"  This is my last time for a while.  My boyfriend's flight leaves from Tokyo (not that I told him to do that or anything  ^^) on Sunday morning... and then I'll be going to PLAYZONE with sourangel that afternoon and on Monday.  ^-^  Hello~ front row!
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I made the cut-off a little earlier than normal for me, but Thursday is the last day I'm taking orders for PLAYZONE 09. I might take orders again for when they come to do the Osaka shows, but I haven't fully decided yet.

NOTE: There are live photosets, but I personally don't know the exact list. If you know there's one you want, I'm willing to take the order for it. Same price as the studio photosets.


( .oO* List and Prices of Goods *Oo. )




· PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o TEGOMASU - July 20 (Monday)

o PLAYZONE 09 – July 30 (Thursday)


o August 5-15

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God. Ok, so the website finally decided to post the goods for the Tegomasu concert. About time!

If you would like to order, PLEASE read the ordering info at the bottom. There’s no reason for you to ask me for my email address or if I ship internationally because it’s all there. Onegaiishimasu. m(__)m


.oO* List and Prices of Goods *Oo. )




·         PAYMENT – According to Japan Time

o        TEGOMASU - July 20 (Monday)

o        PLAYZONE 09 – July 30 (Thursday)


o        August 5-15


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So I finally got around to balloting for PLAYZONE 2009 and applying for both Arashi's and the You&J Fan Clubs...  60100yen poorer...  Better hit.  Gonna be hugely upset if I don't get tickets.  haha...

And then on the way home, a car was pulled up on the side.  I was listening to my iPod so I pretended I didn't hear the guy.  I figured that they were gonna just gonna have to ask their question to the next person cause I "can't speak Japanese".  Anyway.  So the guy moved his car further up the sidewalk so I couldn't plausibly not see the car again, so I stopped.  Told him I couldn't speak Japanese so then he asked if I could speak a little.  Told him, "Very little."  I thought he was gonna ask for directions or something.  Nope. 

He asked where I was from.  America.  If I lived in Osaka.  No just visiting a friend.  Travel?  Yeah, travel.  'Til when?  Umm.... Friday.  Lunch?  ...huh?!  Lunch?  NO!  Do you have a boyfriend?  YES, BOYFRIEND.

So yeah.  Got asked to have lunch with some random guy who pulled up next to me in a car on my way home from the post office.  Just great.


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